2021 Gap Cover Premiums

    November 16, 2020

    The following table gives the 2021 Gap Cover Premiums from Zestlife. But before you dive into gap cover, here are some important points to know:

    What you need to know about Gap Cover

    • Other names for gap cover are shortfall insuance or top-up cover.
    • The purpose of gap cover is to ensure you don’t pay hefty co-payments when your medical savings account runs out, or when your medical aid refuses to pay the entire medical bill owing (which is just too often…)
    • Only members of registered medical schemes in South Africa qualify for medical gap cover. Check here to see that your medical aid or hospital plan qualifies.
    • If you have health insurance or a hospital plan from a short-term insurer (e.g. Clientele, Ubuntu, etc.) you DO NOT qualify for gap cover.
    • Everyone on your medical aid plan is included in a single policy.
    • Getting gap cover is simple, fast and convenient. Work online and on the phone to get your quotation and sign up for gap insurance.
    • Zestlife is a leader in gap cover insurance so you can buy with confidence.


    2021 Gap Cover Premiums from Zestlife

    2021 Gap Cover Premiums from Zestlife

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