Discovery Gap Cover 2019

    September 5, 2019

    Here is information about Discovery gap cover 2019. This relates to medical aid, of which Discovery Health is one of many medical schemes in South Africa. Actually, gap cover from a specialised gap cover company such as Zestlife (see their contact form on this page and use it to get a quote and sign up) is for ALL medical aids, not just Discovery.

    Discovery Gap Cover 2019

    People assume that just because Discovery Health is a huge medical aid (the largest in South Africa) it must also supply gap cover in 2019. Granted, Discovery has life insurance and short-term insurance arms. It even has a bank called Discovery Bank.

    But gap cover for medical aid is a specialised type of insurance. In 2019 the industry has matured. Now you have insurance companies such as Zestlife that know the product inside out.

    Fortunately you can sign up for the best gap cover right here on this page. Complete and submit the contact form so we can be in touch to discuss your requirements.

    Bear in mind, though, that to get gap cover in 2019 for your Discovery medical aid or any other, you do need to be a medical scheme member in good standing.

    The good news is that one policy covers all the members on your medical aid plan, and that even hospital plans from registered medical schemes are eligible for gap cover.

    Discovery Gap Cover 2019

    Why you need gap insurance

    Anyone on a medical aid will know that your cover often does not last the full year.

    They also know that medical aids do not cover large medical expenses in full. These include expenses such as specialist care, operations and long hospital stays.

    In fact, co-payments have unfortunately become a fact of life for medical aid members.

    They are an expensive curse that can leave you out of pocket or, even worse, having to sell assets to cover the bills.


    The best way to cover your co-payments is to take out gap cover. Complete and submit the form on this page so we can take you through the process of signing up for gap insurance.

    All info was correct at time of publishing