Elixi Gap Cover is for All Medical Aid Members

    December 15, 2020

    Young or old – nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. You can’t just assume that because you are below 40 years of age, sickness will evade you. That’s why you need Elixi gap cover – so that accidents and illnesses don’t bankrupt you.

    You can’t also assume that dreadful car accidents only happen to other people. Anyone is vulnerable to serious illnesses and car accidents that can come to you when you least expect it.

    Choose to avoid a financial crisis

    You also can’t assume that your medical aid will pay for all your treatments. Medical aids are paying for less and less. This means you need to seriously look at medical gap cover.  It takes care of those amounts that your medical aid believes are too high to pay.

    Elixi gap cover is for South African medical aid members only

    You just can’t go wrong by investing in gap cover, and Elixi is a reputable gap cover provider.They believe you should be able to access excellent health care when you need it. Without gap cover, it’s just misery and frustration all along the way. You are unable to access the treatment you need and you also enter into a financial crisis.

    About Elixi gap cover

    • Elixi is a division of Talksure, an authorised financial services provider.
    • They have partnered with Constantia and Unity Health to ensure quality, private healthcare for those who invest in their gap cover.
    • Elixi isn’t a medical scheme, but you need to be a member of a registered medical scheme member to have this medical gap cover.
    • Elixi gap cover plans start from less than R250 a month.
    • Their plans include their Single plan, Single Co-Plus plan and their Executive Single Plus.
    • Apart from covering medical practitioner costs for in-hospital procedures as well as some outpatient procedures, they offer sub-limit cover, a casualty benefit, co-payment cover, premium waiver, oncology cover and hospital excess cover. All benefits are limited to a certain sum for each insured person each year.
    • Submitting a claim for Elixi gap cover is easy too. Completed documents must be submitted in writing by no later than 6 months from the date of the incident. You return everything by email to claims@ambledown.co.za.
    • The forms you will need to collect are doctor’s accounts, hospital accounts, your completed claim form, and your medical aid statement. Remember that no claims can be settled without all these documents.
    • Elixi also offers some value-added services such as their crisis Centre which is available night and day. They’ve also got a 24 hour GP helpllne staffed by medical professionals. They also offer funeral and personal accident cover, and cover for if you die or are disabled.


    Private healthcare is expensive. Most medical aids only cover 100% of the medical practitioner’s costs. Specialists on the other hand can charge anything up to 500% above the standard medical aid rate.

    Feel-Good Gap Cover

    Elixi invites you to take a look at all their gap cover plans and compare them. Simply fill in their online form for someone to call you back.

    To have any queries answered or to request a quote, click on the grey ‘Give me a Call’ button and pretty soon you’ll have gap cover so that your medical aid payment blues can be a thing of the past.

    Use the form on this page to get your quote by email or by phone.
    Complete and submit the form. Act now!


    All info was correct at time of publishing