Gap Protect Cover from Talksure

    December 18, 2020

    Talksure are a reputable financial service provider. They have a large contact centre and speak to over 65 000 potential clients and offer advice and service relating to any insurance queries. One of the products that they offer and can discuss with clients is a Gap Insurance Policy. This is a policy that covers the shortfalls between amounts that Medical Schemes payout and the actual costs. So let’s find out how you can benefit from gap protect cover.

    A 100 % cover by a Scheme relates to up to 100% of the tariff covered by Medical Schemes. A doctor or a specialist can ask any amount they see fit; this amount is usually more than the Medical Scheme Limit. The patient will pay for the shortfall out of pocket. Talksure will discuss with clients a way that they can arrange to meet these costs by taking out one of their Gap Policies.

    There are different types of Gap plans – Gap protect cover

    These range from the lowest which is:

    Single Co Plus Protector Plan – Gap protect cover

    • Gap Protect Cover from TalksureCovers Principal member only
    • Premium R 139 a month
    • Gap cover limit is R 2 million.
    • Pay up to 500% of the medical practitioner fees
    • Value Added Services, i.e. trauma, HIV/Aids counselling
    • There are certain procedures that the Medical Aid can as for copayments upfront.


    Executive Family plus Protector Plan – Gap protect cover

    • Covers Principal and children family members
    • Premium R 270 a month
    • Gap cover limit is R 2 million
    • Pay up to 500 % of medical practitioner fees
    • Value Added Services i.e. trauma, HIV /Aids counselling
    • Cancer treatments at a private hospital
    • Co-payments for procedures that may be requested by Medical Aid Upfront
    • Premium waiver – if needed the policy will pay a medical scheme premium on the death or permanent disability of the policyholder


    Important points – Gap Protect cover

    • It is NOT a medical Aid it is a short-term insurance product.
    • Policyholders and their families must be members of the same Medical Aid Scheme
    • Covers, In hospital shortfalls and certain outpatient procedures …NOT day to day visits.
    • Family packages will cover all minor dependents in the family.
    • Dental: Certain in hospital procedures.
    • Pre-existing conditions – If you have a condition which you have been treated for in the past year there will be a 12 month waiting period before cover may be allowed for these conditions
    • They administer the claims by the Ambledown agency.
    • Payout – is direct to the policyholder and if all documentation has been submitted will take approx 14 days
    • Premiums are not taxed deductible.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing