Liberty Gap Cover is for All Medical Aids

    July 12, 2018

    Frustrated medical aid members continue to be a hot issue. They are paying huge amounts of money out of their pocket for hospital procedures they believe the medical aid should be paying. Liberty gap cover understands this.

    So it isn’t surprising that medical aid members are looking for alternative healthcare insurance as a result.

    People are avoiding joining a medical aid scheme as they see it as an exorbitant cost they can ill afford.

    Top up, and Gap cover has come about so as to compensate members adequately for in-hospital medical events.

    Medical aid members can apply for a medical gap cover quote
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    Liberty Gap Cover are aware of the lack of pricing regulations for health care providers

    Because there are no pricing regulations in place, health care providers can charge medical scheme members excessive tariffs, regardless of the options they choose. So the consumer is stuck in the middle of a financial dilemma.

    Liberty Medical Gap Cover

    Gap Cover Throws a Lifeline to Medical Aid Schemes

    Gap insurance products support medical schemes, and Liberty Medical Scheme supports Top up and Gap cover. Medical aid members are buying gap cover because of what service providers are charging.

    Liberty Medical Scheme believes that the consumer should come first and that they need protection from the dangers of misrepresented hospital policies by having access to sensible Top up and Gap covers.

    The Liberty Medical Scheme makes provision for members to increase their cover

    By adding the Top-Up options to their plan, it increases your claim payout to 100%. That is for conditions where you would normally have received a smaller percentage of your cover amount if you did not select the option.

    Adding the Extended Option makes members eligible for additional smaller payouts for less severe conditions.

    Why Gap Cover with Liberty Medical Scheme is Critical

    • It eases you from unbearable financial stress when medical schemes don’t cover hospital treatments in full
    • Medical gap cover covers you for the shortfalls from the 50 or so out-patient treatments and procedures,
    • It covers you for hospital admission as well as procedure specific co-payments which are charged by your medical scheme.
    • There are very few medical schemes which provide unlimited cancer cover. Liberty Medical Gap Cover provides cancer lump sum and co-payment cover. If you have cancer, the policy provides a once off payment. Where a cop-payment is due once a medical scheme’s threshold has been exceeded, you will have cover for a maximum co-payment of 20%.
    • In-Hospital treatments are also covered with Liberty Medical Gap Cover – dentistry and PMB conditions as defined by the Medical Schemes Act.


    Liberty Gap Cover Offers Solutions

    There is a lot of division in healthcare services, but Liberty offers solutions. Their goal is to make health care affordable and to protect their members from those unplanned for medical expenses.

    Liberty offers some healthcare solutions which complement any medical cover you have.

    They invite you to get in touch with them and allow them to remove all the hassles from health care, which make getting sick so stressful.

    Medical aid members can apply for one FREE medical gap cover quote
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    All info was correct at time of publishing