Stratum Elite Medical Gap Cover

    January 19, 2017

    At Stratum, there are various possible policy plans to consider.With stratum elite medical gap cover we keep each one of our client’s needs in mind while also keeping the prices down. In life’s unpredictable moment’s medicinal gap coverage will be a great support to your household when the unpredictable happens. You may not be able to predict the occurrence of such incidents, but you can insure financial aid.


    Stratum Elite Medical Gap Cover

    This option facilitates you with the needed provision in the case of hospitalisation.

    stratum elite medical gap cover

    The monthly costs will revolve around:

    • R187 per individual
    • R244 per household
    • R60 for each adult included in same policy plan


    The advantages of Stratum elite medical gap cover

    Supplementary charges

    • Your plan will pay it.
    • It consists of specified hospitalised procedures and some that are not.
    • There is no funding limitation to this option.


    Limit exceeded

    • When you have used your medicinal aids limited funding, your gap policy will help you out.
    • R60 000 will be available the maximum per member, for the year; while R20 000 of this will be the limited amount per hospitalisation event.


    Accidental cover

    • For incidents where hospitalisation treatment is necessary because of an accident.
    • R5 000 will be the available amount, yearly, per coverage plan.

    The gap

    • 500% coverage.
    • This option is unrestricted.
    • An additional aid is in place for areas, like:
      • Rehabilitation of the physical nature – R6 000 for each participant, yearly;
      • Items that will be thrown away of – R6 000 for each member, yearly; and
      • Tests and radiographic necessities – R12 000 for each participant, yearly.



    • Where medicinal cover stops, your gap coverage will provide support.
    • These will be for any extra charges, as well as, the necessary medicine for treatment – R450 000 is available yearly, per coverage plan.
    • A one-time payout, limited to R5 000, due to the first diagnosis, for each member of the policy plan.
    • In the event of needing reconstruction surgery, there will be a 300% coverage provided – only if diagnosis happens after already being a member on the policy.



    Treatment due to trauma

    • In the case of experiencing the traumatic reality of an accident or tragic medical diagnosis, one will go through a period of shock.
    • This option is available for the treatment of mental trauma.
    • R5 000 is available per policy plan, yearly.


    Bonus Advantages

    • It might happen that the primary policy holder passes away. Or in the condition where he cannot work anymore. There will be an option to sustain them:
      • For twelve months the monthly charges will still be covered.
    • In the occurrence of the primary policy holder’s passing or left disabled permanently, there is the option of providing to pay their medicinal cover scheme:
      • At a maximum of R4 000 for a family, monthly, for six months.
    • Unexpected passing, in an unfortunate accident, of the primary policyholder or his/her partner:
      • R5 000 for each one, including R3 000 for each child that is dependent on either.


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