About Talksure Gap Cover from Totalrisksa™

    December 3, 2020

    Talksure gap cover is gap insurance that fills the shortfall between what your medical aid scheme will pay and what the actual costs of your in-hospital procedures are.

    Don’t think that medical aid schemes cover your entire in-hospital costs.

    The truth is, most schemes only cover 100% of practitioner costs.

    But practitioners can charge as much as 500% above medical aid rates.

    And it’s you who is liable for that shortfall. That’s where Talksure gap cover can help keep you from going broke.

    Medical aid members can apply for one medical gap cover quote  by completing and sending the form on this page

    What Does Talksure Gap Cover actually Cover Me for?

    Talksure Gap CoverTalksure gap cover works as a supplement to your medical aid. Gap cover gives you peace of mind by giving cover between 101% and 500% of medical practitioner costs.

    This helps to cover hospital procedures as well as some outpatient procedures.

    To qualify for medical gap cover you need to belong to a medical aid scheme such as :

    • GEMS medical aid
    • Bonitas medical aid
    • Liberty medical aid
    • Discovery medical aid

    Be Sure About Talksure as it’s NOT A Medical Aid Scheme

    Talksure gap cover is not a medical aid scheme.  It is medical aid gap cover. So it won’t cover day-to-day medical expenses.

    If you take the family package for Talksure gap cover, your whole family will have cover. This is provided that each member belongs to the same medical aid scheme.

    Out-of-Hospital Benefits

    Gap cover medical aid doesn’t cover such benefits. Talksure gap cover covers some listed procedures on an out-patient basis.

    Are Dental Procedures Included in Talksure Gap Cover?

    Talksure does cover some dental procedures done in hospital.

    What If You’re Pregnant or Sick or About to Have an Operation?

    Talksure gap cover implements a 12 month waiting period for pre-existing conditions and pregnancy when taking out a policy.

    Claiming from Talksure 

    It’s easy to claim from Talksure. Submit all claims within six months of your hospital stay along with relevant admission forms and medical aid paperwork.

    Once all the relevant documents are received, your claim is assessed. On approval Talksure will pay out within 14 working days.

    All monies will be paid directly to you, and not to practitioners. As Talksure cover does not fall under the Medical Schemes Act of 1998, gap cover is not tax deductible like a medical aid policy.

    If you need to update your details for your Talksure cover, you can contact the company’s client services department by email or telephone.

    Gap cover really is peace of mind should unforeseen medical bills arise.

    Medical aid members can apply online here for a medical gap cover quote by completing and sending the form on this page


    All info was correct at time of publishing