Now you can get a cheap gap policy from Sanlam

    It doesn’t matter how good your medical aid plan is, sometimes it won’t pay the entire amount. That’s why you need a cheap gap policy. Being cheap doesn’t mean it’s inferior.

    There’s no need to look for a new plan as all medical aid plans have a shortfall issue.

    It is rather a case where the fees charged by the health care practitioners outstrip the limits that your medical aid set.

    This often happens when medical professionals charge fees more than normal medical aid rates.

    Now it becomes quite clear why you could run out of cover fast. Gap cover was designed to take care of the difference.

    What you need is a cheap gap policy from Sanlam

    Cheap gap policy

    Sanlam understands that you want good, solid cover at a reasonable price. And, after almost a century in the insurance market, it knows how to meet that need.

    How reasonable is the price?

    You can choose the level of cover that suits you. The most basic cover will cost you R125 every month. For a more extensive cover, you will pay R152 every month.

    Who Qualifies for Cover?

    While the criteria are not as strict as life cover, there are conditions that apply:

    • You need to be a member of a registered medical aid plan
    • If you are 61 or over, you will not qualify
    • The cover is available for your children as well if they are under 27
    • You can include your dependents when applying.

    When does the cheap gap policy cover start?

    There is no immediate cover, it only starts after three months. Special circumstances, such as pregnancy or a pre-existing condition takes a year to come into effect.

    A cheap gap policy is a no-frills policy. Not included is elective, non-essential surgery and dentistry. So, for example, if you want to have your stomach stapled, you will not be covered.

    If on the other hand, you need reconstructive surgery due to a car accident, you are insured. The policy also makes provisions for cosmetic surgery that is necessary as a result of having cancer.

    This cover is strictly for expenses you rack up in the hospital. Not covered are normal GP visits or check-ups.

    Isn’t gap cover a luxury item?

    Thirty years ago, it would have been seen as such but times have changed. Medical aid providers are becoming stricter about what they will and won’t pay.

    You cannot blame them when you consider the amount of fraud out there.

    Gap cover is a luxury item if you can guarantee that you are never going to be hospitalised. If you cannot guarantee that, then it becomes a necessity.

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