Get gap cover for the holidays (medical aid members only)

January 10, 2024

Costs for medical aids in South Africa are going through the roof. So who needs the stress of worrying about unforeseen medical costs not covered by your medical aid? Medical gap cover is becoming essential for peace of mind.

What happens if you are on holiday and you incur major medical shortfall expenses? Will you be able to cope financially? You have to get gap cover.

What is it?

No doubt you’ve heard of gap cover insurance. But you might not know what exactly gap cover is and how it can benefit you. Medical aid gap cover serves to cover you for expenses that your medical aid policy will not pay.

But it’s not just medical emergencies where you can reap the benefits of medical gap cover. This type of short-term insurance also covers day-to-day health needs that call for extra payments.

Zestlife Gap Cover

Medical gap coverWhether you have Discovery medical aid or any other medical policy, you never want to owe providers money. So you need to be aware of your medical aid limitations. You might need advanced dentistry later on or even specialised treatment. And that’s when gap cover can come to the rescue.


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Good cover from a medical aid South Africa is available. But the better the benefits, the higher the premiums. So even if you’re with GEMS medical aid or Momentum Health, for example, it’s important that you know what your policy covers.

If you belong to a South African medical aid, please complete and send the form on this page and we will send you a gap cover quote

While you might think your current policy will cover 100% of the costs for any medical procedure, it’s essential you know the finer details. Be prepared for unplanned medical expenses. Gap cover is the ideal short term insurance for such instances.

Discovery Health Medical Aid

The majority of medical aids don’t cover the surgery entirely. And there are those times when advanced, expensive procedures are necessary but make you financially vulnerable. Specialists regularly charge above medical aid rates, and you will need the safety net of gap cover to ensure you aren’t left out of pocket.

Gap Cover is Becoming Increasingly Popular

The popularity of gap cover is on the rise and is a great additional to medical aid cover. And with the rising costs of medical aid, you might be thinking about downgrading your medical aid policy to a less expensive cover. Gap cover acts as a supplement to your medical scheme health insurance. You can keep gap cover if you downgrade your medical aid. But you should never think of it as a replacement to a traditional medical aid policy.

A Necessity

Basic health cover is an essential requirement these days and no longer a luxury. Before you sign up, survey the options available for both gap cover and medical aid plans. Or fill in the form on this page and submit it. You will get a quote for your gap cover.

Gap cover has significant potential for alleviating any unforeseen financial burdens that come with additional costs for specialist procedures. It’s worth investing in gap cover for ultimate peace of mind. This insurance complements your medical aid health insurance policy.


If you belong to a South African medical aid scheme, please complete and send the form on this page and we will send you one complimentary gap cover quote



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