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    Gap cover is a lifeline of hope for South African medical aid members. Zestlife gap  cover removes a lot of medical aid uncertainty. It will pay for that amount which occurs when a medical doctor charges beyond what your medical aid will pay.

    With a bit of research you’ll discover that the maximum amount that your medical aid will pay towards the whole bill is five times or 500% of the medical scheme tariff. The shortfall is the total bill minus the amount paid by your medical scheme.

    What is Gap Cover?

    The most important thing to remember with gap cover is that it IS NOT a medical aid. It is an enhancement to your medical aid and works in conjunction with the medical scheme you’re on.

    Like we’ve repeatedly stated, gap cover in South Africa isn’t a luxurious add-on for medical aid members. It has become a critical, and much needed additional to your medical aid, and without it, you could be faced with devastating medical bills to settle out of your own pocket.

    Zestlife Gap Cover

    If gap cover is so important, it must be readily available. Yes, South Africa has some excellent gap cover providers, and Zestlfe gap cover is quite likely one of the most well known and most sought after.

    What Does Zestlife Gap Cover Include and What can It Do for Me?

    Zestlife gap cover will give you 2 exceptional products – their Universal Gap Cover and the Essential Gap Cover. Their Universal Plan is their flagship product.

    Zestlife will pay up to 5 x your medical aid tariff rate while you’re in hospital. They will also pay up to 5x the medical tariff rate for outpatient treatment and this includes about 50 different procedures.

    Co-payments – Your Biggest Nightmare

    • Nothing is worse than a co-payment – that amount you must first pay before some treatments will commence. Zestlife takes care of this for you, regardless of the amount, whether your co-payment is R2000 or R20 000 or R200 000 – they pay.
    • If you’re on a medical plan that wants you to make use of particular doctors and hospitals, it can cause a lot of stress if you can’t have your own doctor in attendance. This is when you have to pay a penalty. Zestlife tackles problems like this for you. They will pay R8, 600 per year as a once off amount towards that penalty.
    • Zestlife gap cover also offers co-payments for cancer treatments – Zestlife pays up to 20% of the excess once you’ve used up your annual oncology benefit.


    There are a host of other benefits from Zestlife gap cover, and we mention just some –

    • Enhanced Cancer Cover – a lump sum of R25 000 with your first diagnosis. For cosmetic breast reconstruction for instance, Zestlife will pay up to R20 000 for the reconstruction of the healthy breast.
    • Emergency Room Cover – for accidents, Zestlife pays up to R10 000 which is R5 000 more in 2018 as compared to the R5 000 of 2017.
    • Accidental Death and Accidental Permanent Disability – you get a lump sum of R50 000
    • Accidental Dentistry Cover – you’re covered for R2 250 per tooth


    More Benefits

    For the sake of space, we can’t mention all that Zestlife gap cover offers.  For tremendous peace of mind that Zestlife gap cover offer, the first question most people want to know is how much will this gap cover cost in 2018?

    Zestlife doesn’t treat their customers like sheep. They treat all of their customers differently, so they make sure that each one pays according to age and lifestyle circumstances.

    • A single person below the age of 55 will pay R324 a month
    • Single person older than 55 but below the age of 65 will pay R409 a month
    • A single person older than 65 will pay R466 a month
    • A family will pay R409 a month where everyone is below 65. If one of the family members is older than 65 years of age, they’ll pay R466 a month.


    A Single Goal – Excellent Products at the Best Price

    If you’re look for an effective way to navigate medical aid during 2018, gap cover will steer you effortlessly through the new year, as it won’t allow you to tackle medical bills that your medical scheme doesn’t cover.

    Zestlife is committed to excellence and aims to bring peace of mind to all medical aid members of South Africa.

    Medical aid members can apply online for Zestlife gap cover.
    Just complete and sending the form on this page