Zestlife Gap Cover

    Every medical aid insurance policy has a list of exclusions. And Zestlife gap cover is no exception.

    Exclusions are items or incidents the cover insurance won’t cover.

    It’s important to be aware of these exclusions set out in the fine print – whether you’re with Discovery Medical Aid or Zestlife insurance.

    But some exclusions are pretty general, and you’ll find them in most insurance policies. And others are specific.

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    It’s Important to Understand What Zestlife Gap Cover Excludes –

    Zestlife Gap Cover

    1. Zestlife won’t pay out if your claim relates to Nuclear weapons, including getting sick from radiation. That is pretty standard and usually stated in medical aid quotes.
    2. Zestlife South Africa won’t pay the gap for costs associated with surgery, treatment or investigations for cosmetic surgery or obesity.
    3. Leading Zestlife gap cover does not pay out for routine check-ups or diagnostic procedures like X-rays and won’t cover annual GP visits or laboratory tests.
    4. Zestlife won’t pay for any claim that arises from mental illness, mental stress, depression or insanity.
    5. Zestlife gap cover does not pay out for suicide or intentional suicide. Or any self-injury for that matter.
    6. Zestlife gap cover won’t cover medical costs for taking drugs or narcotics unless a doctor has prescribed these.
    7. Zest life insurance won’t cover any event related to alcohol abuse like alcoholism.
    8. Participants in police duty, military duty, civil commotion or police reservist duty are excluded.
    9. Zestlife gap cover excludes costs arising from riots, strikes and other labour related disturbances.
    10. Gap cover excludes any form of speed or racing trials.
    11. Cover excludes private and home nursing costs.
    12. Any claim not supported by the Principle Insureds Medical Aid Scheme.

    Why Zestlife Gap Cover Leads the Field

    Let’s look at that last exclusion. Zestlife gap cover aims to pick up the portion of the medical claim that the medical aid will not pay in full.

    That means that the claim has to have been authorised by the medical aid first. So if the scheme has not authorised a procedure, then your gap cover won’t cover it either.

    Zestlife gap cover continues to be a leader in the medical cover field, though, helping you cover those unforeseen expenses.

    You need to Be a Member of a Medical Aid Scheme

    Zest gap cover is a good solution for covering the gaps. That is those differences that arise between what your medical aid will pay and what your specialists charge.

    You need to be a member of a medical aid scheme like GEMS medical aid or Momentum to have medical aid gap cover from Zestlife.

    Medical aid members can apply for one FREE medical gap cover quote
    by completing and sending the form on this page