Top 10 Gap Cover Companies in South Africa in 2024

July 18, 2023

Because more people realise the importance of gap cover, it’s important to know the Top 10 gap cover companies in South Africa.

Gap cover is a short term insurance that covers the gap between what your medical aid will pay and what healthcare professionals charge. Read what the top 10 gap cover companies say.

Instead of facing the trauma of unforeseen hospital expenses, specialists fees and a host of other costs that creep in unknowingly like scans, counselling, let gap cover give you peace of mind.

ONLY Medical aid members can apply for a medical gap cover quote by completing and sending the form on this page

Top 10 Gap Cover Companies in South Africa that Offer Amazing Life Saving Cover

  1. Zestlife

Ranging from R506 – R770 a month, Zestlife gap covers you for in-hospital procedures as well as:

  • Shortfalls on doctor’s charges
  • Co-payment cover for hospital treatments
  • Once off payment if you have cancer
  • R50 000 for accidental death cover and accidental injury cover

Members have the option of taking out extra cover to boost dentistry and cancer benefit

Zestlife Premiums for 2024


Zestlife Gap Cover 2024


  1. Stratum

Stratum gap cover offer unlimited gap cover.

All plans also cover the gap between medical aid rates and doctor’s and specialist’s rates. There is also co-payment cover. Cover for MRI and CT scans is included in the less basic cover options as are a range of in-hospital procedures and treatments.

  1. Turnberry

Turnberry gap cover provides as much as 500% cover for in-hospital stays.

The elect-a-care standard plan covers deductibles like dentistry, scans and scopes, in-hospital payments and even out-of-hospital scans.

The elect-a-care-plus helps you cover in-hospital co-payments, out-of-hospital benefits and various deductibles.

  1. Essential Gap Cover

Essential gap is another top gap cover product in SA. There are two policy options with Essential Gap:

  • Elite memberships cover up to 500%.. There is neither co-payment nor sub-limit cover with this plan.
  • Prestige membership covers 600% of the gap and offers unlimited annual gap cover.
  1. Ambledown

Ambledown gap cover is a superior product that helps you cover the gap for charges above the medical scheme rates.

That applies to in-hospital services as well as the necessity for radiotherapy or chemotherapy for cancer treatment as an out-patient. The also covers kidney dialysis as an outpatient.

More Leading Gap Cover Providers

  1. Complimed Gap Cover

Complimed gap cover is a basic option and an excellent addition to your medical aid policy. You need to be a member of a medical aid scheme to qualify for gap cover.

  1. Xelus

Xelus’ Fusion package is for employer groups. It provides cover for all types of shortfalls, no matter which medical aid choose. A long time member of the top 10 gap cover companies.

  1. Sirago

There’s no maximum entry age for Sirago and no annual limit. In-hospital dentistry and optometry are covered as are health care provider’s fees.

  1. Jenius

Jenius is another one of the top 10 gap cover companies which offers straightforward gap cover to help you cover the expenses between what your medical aid will pay and what you’re charged during a hospital stay.

  1. Santam

Another leader in gap cover in South Africa.

ONLY Medical aid members can apply for a medical gap cover quote by completing and sending the form on this page. Please note that a single gap policy covers the whole family.

All info was correct at time of publishing