About Gap Cover in 2024

January 10, 2024

Gap-Cover-Info.co.za is an information-only website. We do not pretend to know about all the different kinds of medical shortfall cover or gap cover, or all the ins and outs of the various medical schemes in South Africa. However, by completing and sending the form on the page, you will contact a leading expert in this kind of insurance. Please do so now!

Some useful tips

  • Other names for the product are shortfall insurance and top-up insurance.
  • The purpose of the product is to insure the co-payment gap i.e. the divide between what your medical aid will pay and what your hospital and specialist bills are. The reason that co-payments occur is that medical schemes rarely pay the full amount incurred in medical bills. They pay only what appears on their internal price list, not the actual amounts owing. It’s up to the patient to pay the shortfall.
  • A single policy covers everyone on your medical aid
  • Top-up insurance is affordable. (Check the table below.)
  • Unlike medical aid, gap cover is easy to understand because there are so few options. (Check the table below.)
  • The only other shortfall product common in South Africa is the one for vehicles. If your car is written off, then the gap insurance will pay out the difference between what the insurer will pay and the cost of getting a replacement vehicle.
  • This product is by far the fastest growing product in terms of short-term product popularity because it is cheap, understandable and can make the difference between your financial well-being and going bankrupt. If your medical bill amounts to R150 000, for instance, and your medical aid agrees to pay only R50 000, then you will have to stump up the remaining R100 000 by mortgaging your house or gouging your savings.
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About gap cover prices

Here are the 2024 Zestlife prices to guide you:

Zestlife Gap Cover 2024



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