Stratum Gap Cover from Stratum Benefits™

    If you’re looking for complete gap cover, what about Stratum gap cover? What if you end up in a hospital and your medical aid doesn’t cover the entire stay or the professional’s fees? That is when you would really  need Stratum gap cover.

    Because who’s going to cover that gap of thousands of rand?

    You are. That is unless you look into Stratum gap cover.

    Medical aid members can apply for a medical gap cover quote
    by completing and sending the form on this page

    There are a number of gap cover options – So why choose Stratum gap cover?

    For a start Stratum gap cover can offer you the same or better than the others – just read on. Gap cover will protect you from the shortfalls you could come across with medical expenses.

    Your medical aid won’t pay the entire bill and you could yourself short of cash for the shortfall.

    Stratum Gap Cover

    So Stratum gap cover is the perfect solution to medical aid shortfalls. If you belong to the following schemes you can apply for the Stratum benefits:

    • Bestmed
    • Bonitas medical aid
    • Discovery health medical aid
    • GEMS medical aid
    • Genesis medical aid
    • Hosmed medical aid scheme
    • Medihelp medical aid


    When any of these medical aid schemes pay 100%, it doesn’t mean that will pay all the costs.

    Rather, 100% means that they will pay the claim up to their scheme rate. You could be left with massive bills to settle. Stratum gap cover will protect you from these unforeseen expenses.

    Some of the Benefits of Stratum Gap Cover

    • Gap cover benefits are unlimited
    • You will be covered for specialist and GP shortfalls incurred during your hospital stay
    • There is an added medical gap cover benefit of 500% above the medical aid rate of 100%.


    What’s more, Stratum gap cover includes a co-payment cover which will cover in-hospital procedures related to co-payments, including:

    • In-hospital pre-admission co-payments
    • Out-patient CT and MRI scans
    • Benefits are limited to R60 000 per year per policy


    Stratum gap cover also includes cancer cover of 20% co-payments above medical aid’s sub-limit and benefits limited to R350 000 per year per policy.

    Additional Cover from Stratum

    • In-hospital consumables up to R6 000
    • Six months premium waiver benefit
    • In-hospital X-rays and pathology up to R12 000 per year
    • Accidental death cover for the main member and spouse limited to R5 000 per life
    • In-hospital wisdom tooth extraction up to R5 000 per child dependent per year

    Stratum Gap Cover Underwriting Criteria

    • Maximum entry age of 70 years of age
    • 12 months pre-existing conditions waiting period
    • Three months general waiting period
    • Complete exclusion for pre-diagnosed cancer


    During your first 12 months of Stratum gap cover, the following will be excluded:

    • Grommets
    • Tonsillectomy
    • Adenoids
    • Hernia operations
    • Hysterectomy
    • Joint replacement
    • Pregnancy and childbirth


    Stratum gap cover is where medical aid schemes are today, as the cannot cover everything.

    Medical aid members can apply for one medical gap cover quote
    by completing and sending the form on this page