Medical Gap Cover Quotes – What You Need to Know

December 20, 2021

If you’ve heard of gap insurance and toyed with the idea of getting a gap cover quote, then you need a better understand of exactly what medical gap cover is.

Gap Cover South Africa

This innovative short-term insurance product helps you, as a medical aid client, to pay your bills when you need further treatment that isn’t covered by the medical aids. When you get a gap cover quote, understand that your medical scheme covering you 100% is somewhat of a misconception. This simply isn’t the case. The medical aid’s percentage is of their own tariff list and there is typically no indication of the percentage the scheme will cover for treatment costs.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to be a member of GEMs medical aid; Momentum Health or Bestmed, for example. There are medical practitioners including specialists and other service providers who are entitled to charge whatever they want to – even if it is 400% or 500% of what Gap Cover Quotethe medical aid allocates. This alone should prompt you to start looking into medical aid gap cover and getting a gap cover quote.

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So what happens when there’s a difference between what the practitioner charges and what the scheme will pay? Well, a gap forms and that additional cost falls to you, the scheme member. And these payments can be incredibly high.

It is exactly these medical shortfalls that shortfall insurance, such as is offered by Discovery medical aid, has been designed for – and the reason you should request a gap cover quote today.

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It’s really easy to get a gap cover quote online, and so long as you belong to a medical aid, you are able to apply.

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Some schemes do have general as well as condition specific waiting periods or pre-existing conditions. There are some gap covers that will only cover in-hospital treatments and specialist expenses so be sure to read your gap cover quote carefully. There are also medical aid schemes that offer gap cover for procedures performed in a doctor’s practice.

Typically a scheme will pay the stated benefit directly to you, the member. And you will then pay it on to the medical practitioner. When you get your comparative quotations, be sure to thoroughly compare the various gap cover options to find the right cover for your needs.

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Do keep in mind that gap cover is not a medical aid but rather a short term insurance. It cannot replace your medical aid policy terms.


If you belong to a South African medical aid, please complete and send the form on this page and we will send you a quotation

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