Complimed Gap Cover

February 26, 2022

When you look around for medical aid quotes, don’t forget to look into the
all-important short term, medical gap cover such as that offered by Complimed gap cover.

Picture this: it’s winter time, and that means flu season. That equates to many a doctor’s visit; medication; maybe something happens that sees you landing up in a hospital and requiring emergency treatment.

There are no more funds in your medical aid’s Medical Savings Account, so what are you going to do now?

Medical aid members can apply for one family medical gap cover quote
by completing and sending the form on this page

What you Should Do Is Look at Getting Complimed Gap Cover As Soon As Possible –

As long as you have a medical aid plan you will qualify for Complimed Gap Cover. That is because not all medical schemes in South Africa offer a comprehensive Medical Savings Account that covers every eventuality.

Complimed Gap Cover

So you could end up paying for medical expenses like blood tests, hospital treatment and specialist fees.

These could leave you financially crippled and even incredibly surprised since you thought your medical policy covered 100% of all costs.

This is where Complimed gap cover comes in handy

Complimed gap cover is a shortfall insurance that will cover additional costs, for a small monthly premium. It’s the perfect addition to a medical aid policy, but you cannot have it on its own.

Very typically, Complimed gap cover covers the difference between the amount specialists charge for hospital services and the fees covered by your medical aid scheme.

One of the most convenient aspects of Complimed gap cover is that you can be a member of any medical scheme in South Africa such as Discovery Health medical aid or Sizwe medical aid, to enjoy the benefits.

What Complimed cover will pay for you:

  • When the doctor’s fees are more than what the medical aid will cover
  • In instances where you have chosen a hospital plan that carries an excess, exclusions, co-payments or any other benefit limits.
  • Lets say you have selected to stay in a hospital but it’s not included in the health plan you currently have, or the hospital doesn’t currently have any agreement with your specific medical aid.


Complimed gap cover will cover the medical gap that occurs between what your scheme will pay and what the actual tariffs are that the medical practitioners charge.

Complimed gap cover might:

  • Require that medical specialists register with the fund so that you can claim for the services they have provided you. This can restrict the choice of specialists you have, or you might have to persuade your doctors to register with the scheme.
  • Depend on the specialists’ willingness to participate in Complimed  schemes for you to be paid the benefits.


Complimed allows you the freedom to choose the specialists you use. Some gap covers may always pay for the benefit but only offer insurance up to a market rate or specific amount that specialists charge.

Medical aid members can apply for one complimentary medical gap cover quote for the whol family by completing and sending the form on this page! Act now!

All info was correct at time of publishing