Gap Cover for Bonitas Medical Aid – Covers That Which They Don’t

September 23, 2022

South Africa has many excellent gap cover providers (such as the medical gap cover for Bonitas medical aid members), whether it’s your medical aid that offers it or an authorised financial services provider.

Those who belong to the Bonitas Medical Aid rely on them for their gap cover which pays the difference between the medical scheme rate and what the specialist charges.

Gap cover insurance isn’t something that connects to your medical aid, so it has no effect on your membership. You can switch service providers and still keep your gap cover.

People choose Bonitas because they offer their members affordable, quality health care. Their claims payout is 93% on valid claims. They are one of South Africa’s top medical schemes with a large GP network. Their simplistic medical aid plans meet the needs of all South Africans from all walks of life.

gap cover for bonitas medical aid
Apply for Gap Cover before you Turn 60

The cost of gap cover varies a lot, depending on the cover you take. You can safely say that if you are a Bonitas medical aid member, Bonitas gap cover is necessary. Gap Cover for Bonitas Medical Aid members is a wise choice. You have complete control over paying the excess as the policy pays you directly.

You can get Bonitas gap cover if you belong to a registered medical aid scheme and you are under 60 years of age.

Waiting Periods

There will be a waiting period of 3 months before any benefits start applying. There will also be a waiting period of 12 months if you have any pre-existing conditions. You will also have to wait out 12 months if you’re looking to benefit fro maternity cover.

There are also one or two exclusions where you can’t claim, such as for cosmetic surgery and specialised dentistry.

Many people invest in Gap Cover believing it is for general healthcare costs. It’s not. It’s to use with a hospital plan – for specialist service costs. GAP cover which is short term insurance complements medical schemes, bridging the gap between what the medical aid pays and what the specialist charges.

The beauty about gap cover from Bonitas is that it is so affordable, providing stressed-out medical aid members with a safety net. This is for when accidental injuries and illness and a stint in hospital threaten to send you into severe financial difficulties.

Get Sorted Today

Get gap cover. Don’t discover the hard way what not having gap cover means. Be prepared – it’s your ticket to peace of mind. Call Bonitas at Customer Services – 0860 002 108 or email them at

Gap Cover Eliminates Fear

Certainly, if you are thinking about joining a medical aid, it may be in your best interests to simultaneously consider additional gap cover as well. Then you seriously have no fears about what a period in the hospital can do to all your financial savings.

We’ve all heard of someone who has required a coronary bypass. The medical aid may well cover 100% of the procedures tariff rate. What most people are unaware of is that doctors, as well as hospitals, may possibly charge up to 400% of the normal tariff rate. With coronary bypass surgery, you may well be left with an enormous 300% shortfall to pay, of which failure to pay can lead to taking legal action.

Bonitas medical aid members have access to excellent gap cover. No one is immune to medical scheme shortfalls, and the best way to protect yourself is to speak to the consultants at Bonitas and get your gap cover sorted out just as soon as you can.


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