How Medvest Helps Cover Medical Aid Shortfalls

August 8, 2022

Have medical expenses ever caught you off guard? Did you think that even the best medical aid would cover you completely? Think again! Medvest gap cover was created to protect you from exactly this situation.

Most medical aid members assume their health cover is enough.

But most schemes only cover 100% of your in-hospital costs. Specialists can charge as much as 500% more.

Medvest is a medical aid gap cover that ensures you’re not left with a financial shortfall when you’ve been in a hospital.

Medical aid members can apply for a medical gap cover quote
by completing and sending the form on this page

Medvest Gap Cover options and solutions to suit your requirements –

Medvest Gap CoverBase 500

This medical gap cover option pays up to 500% of the medical scheme rate. The maximum entry age is 70.

There is additional cover for the following shortfalls:

  • Counselling sessions due to a traumatic event
  • In-hospital radiology
  • In-hospital consumables
  • Expenses arising from using casualty facilities for treatment due to an accident.


Co-Evolution 500 

Gap cover on this option is unlimited. You will receive cover for doctor and specialist shortfalls incurred during a hospital stay.

There is an additional cover of 500% above the medical aid rate. Various co-payment cover is offered.

With this option from Medvest, there is a three month waiting period and a 12 month waiting period on pre-existing conditions. Medvest gap cover also implements a six month waiting period for endoscopic procedures. There is a maximum entry age of

Comprehensive Gap Cover

Again the gap cover benefit is unlimited. Specialist and doctor shortfalls are covered during in-hospitalisation.

There is an additional gap benefit of 500% the medical aid tariff.

This Medvest gap cover option includes certain co-payment cover as well as sub-limit cover. There is a six months Stratum premium waiver benefit.

The principle member and spouse receive accidental death cover limited to R5 000 per life. With this option, there is no general waiting period. There is a 12 month waiting period for pre-existing conditions and a six months waiting period for endoscopic procedures.

This option covers pre-diagnosed cancer if the member has been in remission for at least five years before taking out Medvest gap cover.

If you belong to the following medical aids, you qualify for gap cover:

  • Bestmed
  • Discovery medical aid
  • Fedhealth
  • GEMS medical aid
  • Liberty medical aid
  • Momentum health


With gap cover, you won’t have to worry about running out of funds just when you need them most.

Medical aid members can apply for a medical gap cover quote
by completing and sending the form on this page

All info was correct at time of publishing