If you think you have all the medical aid cover you need, then you don’t have Resolution gap cover.

Are you sure your medical aid will cover all your specialist expenses when you’re in a hospital?

Here’s the reality: most specialists and doctors charge much more than what your Momentum, Discovery or Fedhealth schemes will cover.

That means you’re left to pay the bill for the shortfall between what they charge and what your medical aid pays. That can vary widely from a few hundred to thousands of rands depending on your situation.

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Resolution Gap Cover because Medical Expenses are not going to get cheaper 

Shortfall insurance covers up to 500% of your medical aid rate, depending on the type of gap cover you choose.

So the next question is: With medical expenses rising exponentially, can you afford these unexpected costs? No? Then it’s time to get insured for the shortfall.

Have you had a good look at what rate your medical schemes pay? From Liberty medical scheme to Momentum medical aid, none of them completely cover all your in-hospital costs. Resolution medical aid has even received claims for as much as R40 000.

So is Gap Cover the Solution? Well we put the Solution in Resolution

Resolution gap cover is a good solution when it comes to covering hefty insurance costs and shortfalls. Resolution medical scheme will cover up to a total of 500% of your medical aid rates.

Resolution Gap Cover

The Gap 300 option from Resolution gap cover covers up to 300% of your medical aid rate with an annual limit or a set excess per incident.

Resolution health gap cover Gap 500 covers up to 500% of your medical aid rate with an annual limit with no excess payable.

More About Resolution Underwriters

Resolution it not a medical aid but a benefits policy regarding the Short Term Insurance Act.

Members who belong to a medical aid currently can apply for Resolution gap cover but a three month waiting period from the date of inception will apply. There is also a minimum waiting period of 12 months for pre-existing conditions.

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All claims will be paid directly into your bank account, and no payments will be made directly to health care providers.

Resolution gap cover does not impose a maximum entry age and will cover a family of 5 members, including child dependents up to the age of 21 or 25 in respect of full-time students.

The Resolution gap cover also covers gynaecologists, anaesthetists, pathologists, radiologists and other registered medical professionals used during your hospital stay. In-hospital optometry and dentistry are also covered.

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All info was correct at time of publishing