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    July 2, 2018

    How can I get a Zestlife quote?

    • You must be a medical aid member
    • You want to avoid a medical shortfall nightmare
    • Get a gap cover quote on this page
    • Pay affordable premiums to Zestlife
    • There are also optional extras for cancer and dentistry


    One of the biggest nightmares facing South Africans who have medical aid cover is the shortfall they have to pay themselves for hospital treatments.

    So many unsuspecting medical aid members believe they are covered for 100% of the cost of hospitalisation.

    After all, that is what is stated on their medical aid policies.

    What they do not know is that medical schemes work according to a set tariff rate.

    Members of the medical profession, on the other hand, are under NO OBLIGATION to stick to those rates.

    In fact, it is now common practice for the medical profession to charge patients up to 500% MORE than the tariff paid by their medical schemes.

    Get A Zestlife QuoteWho is responsible for payment?

    The policyholder is responsible for paying in the difference between what their medical schemes allow and what medical professionals and hospital charge.

    So this can have huge financial impacts on cash-strapped families.

    Zestlife’s solution – Get a Zestlife quote

    Zestlife has the solution in the form of Gap Cover.

    Clients have the choice of two policies:

    The Universal

    • Pays up to 500% of charges imposed by the medical profession
    • Unlimited cover for MRI, PET and CT scans
    • Co-payment cover, even when a Designated Service Provider is not used
    • Also annual cover for above medical aid rates for internal prosthesis (artificial joints)
    • Enhanced cancer cover, including cosmetic reconstruction procedures and cash payouts
    • Emergency room cover
    • Accidental death and permanent disability cover
    • Accidental dentistry cover
    • And also, trauma counselling


    The Essential

    • Pays up to 300% of charges imposed by the medical profession
    • Co-payment cover only when a Designated Service Provider is used
    • Emergency room cover
    • Accidental death and permanent disability cover
    • Also, trauma counselling


    What do a Universal policy or an Essential policy cost every month?

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    Optional extras – Get a Zestlife Quote

    Clients also have the option to add extra cover to their policies for cancer, medical premium waiver cover and dentistry procedures.

    Who qualifies?

    Only members of medical schemes are eligible for Gap Cover

    How do I apply? – Get a Zestlife quote

    Complete the form on this page to get a Zestlife gap cover quote

    All info was correct at time of publishing