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    February 19, 2017

    Zestlife Gap Cover Information

    Gap cover is a much-needed supplement to your medical aid because it pays for those shortfalls incurred for in-hospital bills. That is why you should consider Zestlife gap cover.

    These shortfalls come about because your medical scheme won’t pay for those high costs that the specialists charge. They’re unregulated these experts, and they don’t allow any price regulations to dictate to them. So where your medical aid won’t meet these high costs, you’ve got to.


    That is why South Africans do research on gap cover. They want help with paying these bills and gap cover does just that.

    zestlife medical gap cover

    Zestlife – one of SA’s Top 10 Gap Cover Providers

    Zestlife is a gap cover provider that is in high demand in South Africa. They provide life and health insurance cover to South Africans. Also, their insurance policies are reinsured by Swiss Re and Gen Re, two of the biggest insurance companies in the world. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your gap cover is in the hands of professionals.


    The only way for medical scheme members to prevent themselves from having to pay huge medical bills that the medical aid will only part-pay is to invest in gap cover – and preferably from an accredited provider such as Zestlife.

    With Zestlife you get:

    • co-payment cover
    • 500% of Medical Scheme Tariff

    Zestlife gives medical aid members the choice of two gap cover options  – Universal Gap Cover Policy or the Essential Gap Cover Policy. However, you must belong to a registered medical scheme to be able to buy either one of these two gap cover options.

    The Universal Policy costs more and is R324 each month for an individual below the age of 55 and Essential is R245 a month. The Universal Policy offers a bigger range of cover.  Whichever cover you settle on, cover applies to the main member and all family members. It also covers families with dependents of all ages (premium will differ slightly then).

    People think that gap cover is essentially for in-hospital procedures. However, sometimes you get gap cover which takes care of out-of-hospital procedures.  They limit medical procedures performed on an out-patient basis to certain procedures such as among others, grommets, cataracts, prostate biopsy, a surgical biopsy of a breast lump, an MRI and even childbirth in a non-hospital setting.


    It is the very real pressures of receiving such high hospital bills that are making many South African look at gap cover in an entirely new light. In response to pressures like this, Zestlife has been hard at work to offer solutions.

    Zestlife provides gap cover for all medical schemes. Check out their waiting periods and their exclusions to ensure you understand what you’re signing. Also, nearly all gap cover comes with these waiting periods and exclusions.

    Zestlife gap cover offers you a practical solution to having your high in-hospital bills taken care of – they’ll pay them for you.


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