Zestlife Medical Shortfall Cover Explained

March 2, 2022

Zestlife medical shortfall cover is for in-hospital and certain outpatient procedures that medical schemes don’t fully cover.

When medical practitioner fees exceed medical scheme limits, Zestlife pays the difference by up to 500 percent.

While most medical aid schemes cover 100% of specialist costs as stipulated in their ceiling limits, many medical professionals charge up to 500% above medical rates.

Talksure Medical Shortfall CoverTo qualify members must belong to one of the following medical schemes:

  • GEMS medical aid
  • Bonitas medical aid
  • Liberty medical aid
  • Discovery medical aid



Zestlife also offers:

  • Family packages, provided that each dependent belongs to the same medical scheme
  • Stipulated in-hospital dental procedures
  • Cover for pregnancy and pre-existing conditions, subject to a 12 month waiting period


Zestlife medical shortfall cover claims 

Give claims within six months of in-hospital procedures, together with relevant admission and medical scheme paperwork. Payment is made within 14 working days directly to the primary policy holder’s account.

Zestlife cover does not fall under the Medical Schemes Act of 1998 and is therefore not tax deductible.

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