Medical Shortfall Insurance from Liberty Life

    May 23, 2016

    Medical Shortfall Insurance is commonly known as Gap Cover. That is a short-term insurance underwritten by a financial services provider.  And it has come about because of the shortfall created by the difference between Medical Schemes Tariffs,  and the charges by Healthcare Providers.

    Because specialists charge up to 4 times the Medical Schemes Tariff, you can find yourself facing a huge bill after an unplanned-for stay in a hospital. And this can be financially crippling.

    Reasons for Choosing Medical Shortfall Insurance from Liberty

    • Besides the primary member, all members on the medical aid are also covered by the one premium.
    • No maximum age limits apply.
    • Liberty Medical Shortfall Insurance is one of the most comprehensive Gap Covers available. Besides their in-hospital benefits, they also provide out-of-hospital benefits and cover for co-payments.

    Liberty Medical Shortfall InsuranceTheir in-hospital benefits include –

    • Accidental Dentistry when teeth break in an accident.
    • PMB’s.
    • Hormone and Fertility Treatment.
    • There is no 12 month waiting period as in other gap covers. They put limitations on the particular pre-existing condition instead.
    • No medical examination required.


    If you belong to a South African medical aid scheme, please complete and then send the form on this page and we will send you one FREE gap cover quote

    Three options are available on this Liberty Gap Cover:

    1. Core Benefit

    That is its basic cover. Premiums are about R207 per family, per month.

    • In-hospital cover – Up to R200 000 per individual, and R2 000 000 per family
    • Out-of-hospital cover – certain procedures, MRI’s, scans
    • Co-payment cover for both designated and non-designated service providers.
    1. Standard Benefit

    This premium is about R262 per month and per family

    • Same as for Core cover
    • Cancer cover. Pays out R25 000 on the first-time diagnosis, and up to R250 000 on co-payment cover.
    • Internal Prosthesis – up to R30 000


    1. Universal Benefits

    This premium is about R281 per month and per family

    • Same as for Standard cover
    • Casualty Cover – R5 000 per annum
    • Accidental Dentistry – up to R14 000
    • Accidental Death and Permanent Disability – Lump sum of R25 000. Must be under age 65.
    • Trauma Counselling up to R750 per visit
    • Medical Premium Waiver – Must be under 65. Medical Aid and Gap Cover premiums paid up to R6,500 per month, for three months.


    Additional Information

    • Three-month waiting period for new policies
    • No benefits for ten months for childbirth
    • Certain pre-existing conditions, no payment for six months, then 50% for the next six months.
    • Emergency Transport covered up to R25,000
    • Life Support Equipment covered up to R25,000
    • Rehab up to R25,000
    • Road Accident Fund medico-legal costs up to R10,000
    • Mobility cover up to R25,000


    Out-of-hospital Procedures

    There are over 50 operations covered by this benefit, where gap cover can be applied. Also there is no maximum annual limit.

    • Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.
    • Arthroscopy.
    • Cataract Removal.
    • Gastroscopy.
    • Coronary Angiogram.
    • Vasectomy.
    • Biopsies of the breast and prostate.
    • Out-patient kidney dialysis.

    The cost of procedures done in a hospital, or as an out-patient are way beyond most people’s needs. Significantly, with specialists charging more, and medical aids paying less, the shortfalls can be astronomical. It is worth looking at Liberty’s gap cover. But for just a small amount each month, it can get you out of a whole lot of trouble.

    If you belong to a South African medical aid scheme, please complete and then send the form on this page and we will send you one FREE gap cover quote


    All info was correct at time of publishing