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March 2, 2022

Why get a Free Zestlife Quote?

  • their options are available to members of all South African registered medical schemes
  • you can top up with their Extended Cancer and Extended Dentistry cover
  • they offer in-hospital and out-patient cover
  • lump sum cover for first-time diagnosis with cancer with Universal cover
  • you get medical scheme co-payment cover


Whether you’ve been a member of your medical aid for a long time or you’re a brand new member, you’re going to need medical gap cover. You have to shop around because this gap cover isn’t all the same.

Free Zestlife quoteGetting a free Zestlife quote has never been easier and the providers try to get you through the process quickly and easily, more so when it’s done online.

The medical aid member can ask questions and satisfy themselves that the gap cover they get will meet their needs. When purchasing gap cover, you want to make sure you’re getting the coverage you need to fit your specific situation.

If you don’t fill in the online form, you can always give the gap cover provider a call for a quote.

Don’t Pay for Stuff You Don’t Need – Free Zestlife Quote

The problem with standard coverage is that it may cover stuff you don’t need but which you’ve got to pay for.  Customized coverage, on the other hand, is designed to meet your individual circumstances.

At Zestlife, their agents are skilled professionals who know how to, according to the information you provide them with, match your needs with an appropriate policy. They are an authorized financial service provider.

Let’s see what Zestlife Offers –

  • Zestlife offers their Universal Gap Cover and their Essential Gap Cover
  • both these plans offer co-payment cover. Co-payments are a nightmare. It’s a fee that the medical aid member is liable for when making use of certain medical services. These co-payments can be quite high and most members of a medical aid don’t have the money available to pay for these co-payments.
  • there is no maximum entry age to apply for gap cover
  • you’ve got the option to boost your cancer and Dentistry cover. You’ll notice that Zestlife addresses the 2 most substantial funding shortfall risks that medical aid members face
  • people stress that the policy will terminate, but that isn’t the case, however you need to bear in mind that coverage for certain benefits will cease at age 65.


Zestlife Premiums for 2024

Zestlife Gap Cover 2024



Zestlife is a leading gap cover provider in South Africa. It’s so easy to request gap cover online and all you need do is simply fill in the online form. You can also choose to fill in the part that says ‘call me back’  if you’d like to first speak to a knowledgeable consultant before making any decisions.


To get a personal gap cover quote IF you already have medical aid membership.
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