Medway Gap Cover

March 2, 2022

Medway gap cover is a leader in medical aid cover. Established in 1990, Medway medical aid continues to look for ways to enhance the value of their products.

While you might think that your medical aid has you completely covered for
in-hospital stays, think again.

Medical aid schemes pay up to 100% of the costs for a hospital stay. Practitioners and specialists, though, can charge as much as 200 – 500 percent. And guess who has to pay for that shortfall. You.

Medway gap cover is the perfect solution. Gap cover supplements your current health cover ensuring you’re not left high and dry financially.

You can apply for one medical gap cover quote NOW by completing and sending the form on this page. Medical aid members only

About Medway Gap Cover and How it Becomes an Essential part of Your Medical Aid Plan

Medway gap cover covers as much as 500% of your scheme rate.

Let’s say you have your tonsils taken out. The medical aid scheme will pay R1 200 for the anaesthetist. But the anaesthetist charges a lot more than that. Medway will cover that shortfall up to R6000.

Medway cover also covers some treatments and medical procedures. Certain

Medway Gap Cover

co-payments will be covered too. But it depends on which policy you choose.

South Africa has some seriously affordable medical aid schemes but is a policy enough when it comes to in-hospital procedures? Usually not.

If you belong to either Liberty medical aid, Bonitas, GEMS, Discovery, Fedhealth,  Momentum or any other scheme in the country, you qualify for Medway cover.

How Much Cover Do You Get with Medway?

Medway gap cover offers R2 000 000 per family, per year.

The Medway gap cover options are designed to supplement your medical aid policy. Cover starts from R135 per month, per family. If you’re under 65 years of age and currently have a medical aid policy, you can apply for Medway cover.

Some of the Medway Gap Cover Options that Are Available

  1. Gap Core

This option ensures you won’t have to experience shortfalls. Your immediate family is covered for in-hospitalisation and treatment extends to out-patient procedures such as chemo and radiotherapy. Gap Core from Medway gap cover will reimburse you up to R10 000 for in-hospital expenses.

  1. Gap Essential

This option includes everything from Gap Core as well as co-payments where medical aid has imposed a levy.

  1. Gap Xtra 

All Gap Core benefits are included as well as cover for in-hospital sub-limits that the medical scheme has imposed on some procedures.

  1. Gap Premium

For as little as R220 per month, Gap Premium offers all the benefits of the above three options. There is an additional reimbursement of up to R10 000 towards accidental injury that required treatment in casualty.

Can you afford to be without shortfall insurance? Get your quote today!

You can apply for one gap cover quote NOW by completing and sending the form on this page. Medical aid members only

All info was correct at time of publishing