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December 19, 2021

Cancer is a serious and unavoidable disease. Whether you have gone through it. Or have been or indirectly through a family member or friend. It is a horrible experience. Cancer is more common than ever in our current era. And they should inform everyone not only about the disease itself but also about treatment options and plans available. For most people, cancer treatments and procedures treating it is unaffordable- even when they have medical aid plans. To fill this gap, a medical insurance known as gap cover is available.

There is Sufficient Gap Cover For Cancer

Medical Gap Cover and Cancer

Gap cover probably has sufficient cover for cancer. This is one of the main reasons why South African citizens should have medical gap cover as an added booster. Medical aid insurers more than often do not cover cancer and its related treatment costs and when they do. The coverage is less than what is provided for other illnesses.  The reason, therefore, is expenses.

The Benefits of Gap Cover

However, the great benefit regarding gap cover when it comes to cancer is that almost all plans include coverage for it. Whether you are on a tight budget or can buy whatever your heart wishes, a gap cover plan that covers cancer and fits your budget will be available from at least five different gap cover providers. Besides the basic co-payments, deductibles and gap payments, medical gap cover plans more than often cover certain types of cancers that are not even recognised by the average medical scheme aid. This means that these types are fully covered by just your gap cover insurer.

In the case of a tragedy

In tragic cases where the patient does not win their battle against this horrible disease, some gap cover plans provide extended coverage to loved ones left behind. These coverages can include cash pay-outs and extended gap cover coverage for a certain amount of moths. These are benefits that will help your family members greatly after your passing. It is extremely important to consider a plan that will not only cover you for now but will cover those left behind who were dependent on you as well.

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