Benefits of Having Gap Cover

December 19, 2021

There are benefits of having gap coverHaving coverage for material things such as your house, your car or even precious jewellery. Although it is important to have insurance for these types of things, more than often people consider cutting their medical insurance budget to accommodate this. They believe that only having a medical aid scheme is more than enough coverage for medical expenses.

There are plenty benefits of having gap cover

However, this is not always the case. In more and more instances nowadays the average medical schemes do not cover all the expenses. That you need to have cover for with even the basic medical procedures. For these instances, gap cover is especially important. The benefit of having gap cover in situations where you medical scheme does not cover everything. This is only one of the many benefits of having gap cover.

Shortfall insurance will save you money

Benefits of Having Gap Cover

Little or even no money would have to me contributed by you directly at that moment. Depending on your gap cover insurance plan that you choose, they will pay for extra expenses. This is a great benefit for those who don’t have thousands of saving available. Without having this extra cover, many people go into debt and in some families go into financial ruin. Apart from extra coverage being available in instances where your medical scheme does not cover all the costs, gap cover can also be beneficial when covering certain illnesses and procedures not covered by South African medical scheme plans at all.

Top-up insurance for extreme illnesses

Due to changes in on our planet, cancer is becoming more and more common amongst people and especially women. The average medical aid scheme in our country does not make coverage provision for any treatments cancer-related at all. These treatments and procedures can be extremely expensive especially when they diagnose special cancers. Most gap cover plans have excellent coverage for cancers which are common as well as those which aren’t.  This coverage can save families thousands when a surprise diagnosis is made.

Gap cover Provides Peace of Mind

Another great benefit of having gap cover is peace of mind. Something that you cannot buy with money. Knowing that unexpected medical events that are not covered by your medical aid are covered can saves you from multiple sleepless nights and having to make plans in order to cover your medical debts. In cases of accidental death of yourself, your family will also be grateful for extended coverage on their medical aid that is provided for if you took out a gap cover plan that offers this great added benefit!

Expands your coverage

Except for the benefits listed above, you will find that having gap cover can really improve your medical coverage overall. It works alongside your medical aid plan in order to boost the benefits already provided by these insurance providers.

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