Avoid Medical Aid Shortfalls With Medway – Keeping You Covered

December 12, 2021

Medway Gap Cover Enables Medical Aid Members to Avoid Medical Shortfalls

Without medical gap cover, especially Medway Gap Cover, access to good health care is becoming out of reach for many South Africans.

South Africa has a health system where its people rely on public and private health care. It’s a matter of choice what you choose. However every South African wants to buy a medical aid plan as it keeps them from the horrors that you will find in most state hospitals.

However, the private health insurance shortfall is seen as unfair by medical aid members who are already paying a high monthly premium. They stand in disbelief when their medical aids don’t pay for some of their in-hospital treatments.

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Gap Cover – Specifically Created for Medical Shortfalls

The medical aid will only pay for medical treatments that are in keeping with medical scheme tariffs. Anything above that they won’t pay. The only way to get out of paying the shortfall is to invest in gap cover. Gap cover has been created specifically to pay for these shortfall amounts.

You may think that Medical Aid fully covers you, but they do not.

Medway is a leading network of health care advisors. The company’s start date was in 1990.

They are an authorized financial service provider who provides South Africans with tailor-made insurance products which are unique to Medway.

  • Medcare Gap Cover pays up to 500% of your Scheme rate.
  • Their gap cover also extends to certain treatments as well as co-payments.
  • Medcare offers several gap cover options – GapCore, GapEssential, GapXtra and GapPremium.
  • With Medcare gap cover, you get R2 000 000 per family each year.
  • Medcare gap cover starts from R200 per family each month.
  • To qualify for gap cover from Medcare, you must be under the age of 65 years.
  • Also, you must be a member of a registered medical aid to be eligible for medical gap cover.


We look at one of the Medcare Gap Plan Options – Their Level 1 Option – Gap Care:

  • You’ll pay R200 a month for this gap cover plan.
  • Medcare will cover your immediate family for in-hospital associated services where the specialist charges more than your medical scheme rate.
  • This cover will ensure you don’t experience shortfalls and it pays up to 500% of the medical scheme rate.
  • The cover extends to treatment on an out-patient basis for the likes of kidney dialysis, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Also, covers medical procedures performed in a doctor’s room in the case of accidental injury. Gap Care includes a reimbursement of up to R10 000 for in-hospital expenses


With Gap Essential you’ll pay R240 a month, with GapXtra, it will be R250 a month, and with Gap Premium you’ll pay R280 a month. Spending a small amount like this each month, you can spare yourself having to pay huge medical bills that can send you spiraling into debt.

That just shows that Medway Gap Cover is a simple and excellent gap cover to choose!


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All info was correct at time of publishing