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December 12, 2021

Xelus Gap Cover Information

The rise in health care costs in South Africa, as in anywhere else in the world, can be attributed to advances in medical technology. And yet people don’t care about that. They’re more concerned about the rise in their medical aid premiums and the way these increases don’t take care of some of their major medical treatments. In South Africa, there are serious shortages of general practitioners and specialists. The few that remain are unregulated, charging patients what they like. Medical aid members have to fork out for massive in-hospital medical bills the medical aid won’t cover. Therefore, this is why you need Xelus Gap Cover.

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Protect Yourself Against Shortfalls

The only affordable solution is to look at medical gap cover.

Xelus gap cover has been specifically designed to cover the shortfall between the medical aid rate and the rate that the specialist will charge you for a procedure when admitted to the hospital. If you want to join Xelus, you can contact your health care broker who can help you. You can also be in touch with Xelus on +27 11 759 9600 to find out more about Fusion.

Xelus has come up with a product known as Fusion, providing you with additional benefits to protect you against shortfalls because of out of pocket expenses your medical aid wouldn’t pay. Medical aid members appreciate that Xelus provides a single solution for the gap cover market – Fusion.

Fusion provides an optimal gap cover solution, no matter which medical scheme you belong to or what plans you’re on

Fusion covers all Fusion members comprehensively for all in-hospital and oncology-related shortfall types.

Benefits of Fusion

  • Core Benefits – split into two areas of cover – in- and out-of-hospital cover -500% of Scheme Tariff
  • Fusion is an insurance product covering shortfalls that your medical aid won’t pay.
  • Sub-limits – some in-hospital procedures such as joint replacements have a yearly limit. After you reach this limit, the medical scheme does not provide further benefit.
  • Xelus Fusion provides a benefitĀ  per condition to cover the shortfalls experienced after reaching in-hospital sub-limits.
  • Oncology co-payments – Xelus Fusion covers co-payments related to cancer treatment once your medical scheme benefit has been exhausted. The benefit does have a maximum payout per year.
  • Also, Fusion automatically includes Fusion’s Benefit Extender and doesn’t require any additional premium. The Benefit Extender provides protection for financial calamities when major medical events threaten to put you out of work and earnings


It’s always good to do research on gap cover as it differs between service providers. Gap cover is a necessary supplement to your hospital plan. Xelus gap cover is for anyone on a medical aid.

Comprehensive, Affordable Gap Cover

Xelus provides comprehensive gap cover which includes shortfall cover for cancer treatment, in-hospital gap cover and any deductibles or co-payments from a stay in a hospital.

Like most gap cover policies, Xelus also excludes claims which come from people who have had cosmetic surgery, self-inflicted injuries, and suicide attempts. Always make sure you understand the exclusions and waiting periods when taking out a policy for gap cover.


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