Medway Helps with Those Out-of-Control Medical Aid Co-Payments

December 12, 2021

Medical aids have always been a trusted source of quality health care. A common complaint however, in recent years, is that they’re paying less and less for their members. That’s where Medway gap cover comes into the equation.

Members are also contributing more than ever. They’re disgruntled that their massive monthly premiums don’t cover everything. Gap cover providers such as Medway have heard this complaint and they’re stepping in to fill the gap.

This gap exists when specialists charge way over what the medical aids are prepared to pay. Without gap cover you would have to pay the shortfall amount yourself. These amounts can run into thousands of Rands.

Medway to the rescue

This gap cover is effective in protecting you from these shortfalls and Medway is one of South Africa’s gap cover providers.

Medway Gap Cover for South African Government EmployeesThey are an authorised financial service provider and were established in 1990.

They offer a comprehensive range of medical top-up insurance products. These products are unique to Medway. They’re distributed to a network of expert Medway Advisors. These hand-selected  Medway Advisors work directly with customers.

Medway are also one of the first companies to offer medical insurance to government employees, overing gaps in different medical schemes. Medway Heritage Plus is their comprehensive hospital insurance top-up plan.

A gap plan for government workers

The plan is designed specifically for these government employees.  The gap cover takes care of many gaps and shortfalls –

  • surgical appliance gaps
  • tariff gaps
  • co-payments
  • daily cash benefits


You can apply for Medway gap cover online but only if you are a medical aid member. Check the list of medical schemes in South Africa here. You’re kept updated throughout the application’s progress, You will receive a verification call and it’s also your chance to have any of your queries on gap cover answered.

The gap cover that you get from Medway is a short-term insurance policy.

With Medway you get a certain amount of cover each year. Their gap cover starts in the region of R320 a month per family. You have to belong to a registered medical aid to benefit from Medway’s gap cover.

  • Their level 1 gap cover is GapCore.
  • Their level 2 gap cover is GapXtra. This cover comes with an additional sub-limit cover. The cover includes everything you get with GapCore. It also includes cover in respect of in-hospital charges above a sub-limit for certain procedures.
  • Level 3 is the GapPremium cover. This cover combines all the benefits that come with GapCore and GapXtra. GapPremium also has some other benefits included.


One of these is the inclusion of co-payments when your medical aid imposes a deductible on certain procedures.

  • Their Level 4 plan is Gap Premium Plus. This is their top-of-the-range gap cover plan. This most comprehensive gap cover plan of Medway combines the benefits of GapCore, GapXtra and GapPremium. Like the other plans, it also comes with some additional benefits.


This is a very popular cancer treatment cover. It pays out an additional generous sum for traditional cancer treatment and oncological benefits above the sub-limit imposed by your medical scheme.

Medical aid intervention with gap cover

With Medway you choose the cover that works for you. Medway has specifically provided their range of gap cover which is targeted to your specific needs.

It’s up to you to be the expert when choosing with this range of gap cover. The gap cover you choose will allow you to achieve what you want with the partial-paying medical schemes.

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All info was correct at time of publishing