Finding a cheap gap cover plan you can afford

December 14, 2021

It’s important not to overlook an opportunity to save money when considering the cost of medical treatment today. Now you can do that by getting cheap medical gap cover.

It may seem strange to suggest taking out a policy in order to save money but bear with me while I explain.

Medical costs in South Africa are high. If you didn’t have a medical aid plan, you probably wouldn’t be able to afford to go into hospital at all.

However, most people with a medical aid plan rest easy in the knowledge that, should something happen, their medical aid will foot the bill. It’s this misconception that gets a lot of people into financial difficulties.

A cheap gap cover plan may be cheap but it still saves you money

Cheap medical gap cover

While it’s true that your medical aid covers the costs, it limits its cover to standard medical aid rates.

Great! Except that very few specialists charge standard medical rates. You have to pay the shortfall.

That’s why you should consider Gap Cover. The cover will pay the difference between what your medical aid pays and what you are actually charged by a specialist.

Here are some of the better known cheap gap cover providers –


Your premiums depend on the plan that you choose, the Zestlife Universal or the Zestlife Essential plans.

Here are the 2024 premiums from Zestlife

Zestlife Gap Cover 2024



With Stratum plans, the coverage is unlimited. The plans cover the shortfall when it comes to both specialists and doctors plus co-payments as well. You can choose a plan that covers the shortfall for CT scans and MRIs as well.


The basic plan pays in-patient procedures, deductibles and specialised treatment such as scans, dentistry and scopes. Some scans outside of the hospital are also covered.

The more comprehensive plan will help you meet co-payments for hospital treatments, a number of different deductibles and a range of outpatient treatments as well. The elect-a-care-plus helps you cover in-hospital co-payments, out-of-hospital benefits and various deductibles.

Essential Gap Cover

This is considered one of the best in South Africa. You can choose between the Elite membership and the Prestige membership.


Ambledown cover you up to five times normal medical aid rates and the cover is capped at R2 000 000 per annum per family. The cover extends to out-patient treatments for cancer and also to dialysis.

Complimed Gap Cover

This is one of the most affordable cheap medical gap cover you can buy. If you want more extensive coverage, you pay a higher premium.


The Fusion product offered by Xelus is for employers. It covers a range of shortfalls and is one of the long-standing products on this list.


Sirago is slightly different in that it does not have a maximum age limit. Your monthly premium insures yourself and four family members. You are also covered for procedures done in the hospital, including optometry and dentistry.


This offers covers without all the frills so you get the perfect balance of value and cover.


Talksure is one of the leading South African gap cover products.

So there you have it. Cheap medical gap cover ay your fingertips. Don’t think you can’t afford it. In fact, you can’t afford to be without it!

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All info was correct at time of publishing