Turnberry Gap Cover – Avoid Those Unexpected Medical Expenses

December 12, 2021

Turnberry gap cover is for all medical aid members.

For you to have complete reassurance; it is advisable to have Turnberry Gap cover, no matter what rate your medical scheme pays out.

Medical scheme membership is expensive in South Africa. Therefore, most members assume that because you pay a lot, you should get a lot.

That is not the case.

Even though your monthly medical aid premiums are high, there are times when the medical aid won’t pay your in-hospital procedures.

The specialists charge way beyond the guidelines issued for medical procedures. The medical aid will only pay according to the guidelines, and nothing more.  If a specialist charges you R50 000 for a medical procedure, but the tariff guidelines say the procedures should cost just R30 000, then the shortfall of R20 000 will be for you to pay. Your medical scheme won’t pay this.

turnberry gap cover

Reputable Medical Gap Cover Providers

Turnberry offers a range of products which have been designed to help you avoid the financial burden of exorbitant medical costs your medical aid won’t pay.

They were founded in 2001 and are a registered financial services provider.

Their products are available to clients regardless of the medical aid scheme they’re on. Their gap cover is also transferable should you change medical schemes.

  • Turnberry’s gap cover premiums are per family, each month
  • Also, Turnberry covers eligible children who haven’t reached the age of 26
  • Turnberry provides gap cover up to 500%
  • They also cover co-payments which apply to certain benefit options
  • you get R5 000 000 International Travel Insurance which is a free benefit for all Turnberry members.
  • Turnberry offers different plans – Execu-Care, Pro-Care, and Elect-A-Care are just some. Their Execu-Care is their comprehensive offering that covers most in-hospital shortfalls. However, the maximum entry age for this particular gap cover is 65 years. The monthly premium for the Execu-Care gap cover is R298 a month for a family. For this you get among others PET scans done in an out-patient facility, cancer cover of R200 000 per insured each year as well as many other benefits
  • Also, the waiting periods are – 3 months general waiting period and 9 months for maternity


More About Turnberry

Turnberry’s overall annual limits are high enough to take care of even the most severe injuries and illnesses – R500 000 for an individual and R1 500 000 for a family.

If you show interest in this gap cover, you can go onto the Turnberry website and complete the online application form. You can also call them on +27 861 000 509  if you have any queries.


Remember that gap cover isn’t a medical aid. It supplements a medical aid. The products you get with Turnberry gap cover aren’t the same as what you get with a medical scheme. The cover isn’t equivalent to that of a medical scheme.

To South Africans relief there are medical gap cover providers like Turnberry who are saving them from spiraling down into a pit of unpayable in-hospital medical bills.


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All info was correct at time of publishing