Medical Shortfall – Solutions That Will Help South Africans

December 12, 2021

Medical Shortfall Solutions for South Africans

South Africa can’t seem to find practical solutions to the country’s medical aid problems. Members are experiencing more and more medical shortfall.

There are significant challenges in both the delivery and funding of health care. Members of medical schemes are angry because they believe the medical scheme’s aren’t playing their part. They think the medical schemes are trying to get out of paying what they should.


medical shortfall

Medical Schemes Limit Your Cover – Regardless of Medical Scheme

It doesn’t matter which medical scheme you belong to, they all limit their cover to the Medical Scheme Tariff (MST). These tariffs, however, fall short of what the unregulated doctors are charging. It’s the reason gap cover was created, and for a much smaller amount that what you pay each month for your medical aid, they will ensure that you are not left out of pocket.

Avoid medical shortfall with gap cover.

You’ve got Good Choices

South Africa has some excellent gap cover providers, some of which are Zestlife, Turnberry, Stratum, Complimed, Jenus, and others. Each of these gap cover providers varies somewhat, but most of them cover up to 500% of the medical scheme tariff. When you start researching the gap cover companies, you see that you’ll be paying a monthly premium of between R80 and R400 a month, and in exchange for this gap, the cover will pay those massive shortfalls for when you end up in the hospital.

Today, having a medical aid is wonderful, but it is not enough for you anymore. Without this shortfall supplement, you may well be one of the many distraught South Africans who had to downgrade their lifestyle drastically to pay for these irritating shortfalls that your medical aid shirks.

Medical Aids Refuse to Pay for Overly High Bills

Medical shortfalls are causing medical aid members ongoing stress. They go to the hospital and have bypass surgery and then the medical aid confronts them with high medical bills once they are out of the hospital. They are caught off guard because they assumed their medical aid would pay the bills.

The reason for this is that specialists in South Africa can charge what they like. That means that they can charge what they like. They charge far over these standard amounts. The medical schemes see this and refuse to pay for these excess charges. They leave that for the medical aid member to pay.


Many South Africans are battling to make ends meet. Health care is important to them, so they go without other things to pay for medical care each month. When they receive medical bills for in-hospital procedures, they do not prepare for; some have had to sell their assets to pay for these bills. That is one of the reasons for the start of gap cover.

Gap cover isn’t a medical aid, but rather an insurance product that people buy to pay for the treatments that the medical aid does not pay. Get gap cover – without it; you may have to join the many South Africans standing on the street corners begging for handouts.


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All info was correct at time of publishing