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December 14, 2021

Totalrisksa Gap Cover Info for Medical Scheme Members

Totalrisksa gap cover for medical scheme members has been specially designed to help in circumstances where there is a financial shortfall. These shortfalls occur when the service providers such as specialists charge way beyond what the medical aid scheme will cover.

You should never assume that your medical aid covers you 100%

Most people think that when they take out medical aid, the medical aid will cover them 100%.

But this doesn’t mean full cover. It’s these inadequacies in the medical aid to pay these medical bills that resulted in the concept of gap cover.


Gap cover ensures you don’t get a massive shock when huge in-hospital bills arrive at your home that you thought the medical aid pays. People have had to sell their assets to pay for these medical bills.

Totalrisksa gap will do what you need it to do when you are in the hospital. They will protect you when the hospital admits you.

Specialists, Surgeons, and anesthetists and many hospitals are going to charge you over and above medical aid tariffs. Totalrisksa will pay those bills which are more than the medical aid rates.

You can apply Online for Totalrisksa gap cover

Gap cover is available for single people as well as for families – protecting you from all the costs you didn’t put in your budget. People think that because they belong to the top medical aids of South Africa, this medical aid will cover their in-hospital medical bills in full.

There are always co-payments to be made, there are extra fees for wards and theaters or special medications. They all add up. Totalrisksa is an authorized financial services provider. Thier start date was in 1999. They will pay out those excesses directly into your bank account, and from there you can settle all your outstanding medical bills.

Important points

  • Totalrisksa offers three gap cover plans – Vital Cover Plus which costs R155 a month per family,  Super Cover Plus which costs R190 per family and Absolute Cover Plus which is R299 per family
  • Annual limit on each plan is unlimited
  • the oncology benefit for the Absolute Cover Plus Plan, for instance, is up to  R750 000 per
    policy each year
  • There’s an accidental death benefit
  • Benefits are for members and their dependants
  • There is no entry age limit – many other gap cover providers have an entry age limit of 65
  • Immediate benefits except for some conditions
  • Services are provided up to 700%
  • Totalrisksa processes and pays valid and claims that they approve every week


Nobody can predict when you will fall ill or be in an accident. Very few South Africans have thousands of Rands stashed away for such events, and Totalrisksa can settle these bills for you.


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All info was correct at time of publishing