Gap Cover for Registered South African Medical Aids

December 14, 2021

Curemed Gap Cover for All South African Medical Aids

South Africans have been at odds with their medical aids for some years regarding their high monthly premiums. They’re fed up with having to pay high premiums and not get full cover. That is why you need Curemed Gap Cover.

The difference between what their medical aid will pay and what the medical specialist charges are causing untold stress.

South Africans have believed that when a medical aid says it offers 100% coverage, it means comprehensive cover.

But this isn’t so.  Medical specialists charge rates that are way above the 100% that medical schemes pay, and you have to pay for this shortfall amount, not the medical aid.

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Curemed Gap Cover to the Rescue

Providers of gap cover saw this discontent and rose to the challenge. They’ve come up with a cover that ensures that it’s not the medical aid member who will pay these shortfalls but the gap cover provider themselves.

South Africa has many good, registered medical schemes. A stint in a government hospital has convinced many South Africans that having a medical aid scheme is a necessity. There are very few people who can afford quality health – very few who have the resources to pay cash for a lengthy stay in the hospital because of a sudden illness or accident.

Medical Aids are Disappointing

South Africa may well have a number of good medical aid schemes, but the truth is they’re going to disappoint you. They pay according to the price guideline of the medical scheme tariffs, and if a specialist charges you far more, they only pay up to a point. The excess amount the specialist charges you will be for you to pay out of your pocket.

Get Gap Cover to Suit Your Budget

Curemed offers gap cover. They’re a licensed financial service provider with more than 20 years of experience and more than 16 000 people seeking out their products and services. They’ve got a team of advisers who can advise you on products that suit your budget.

They know that specialists charge well above the medical scheme tariffs. They also know that all medical scheme members are at risk and they cover all medical aids in South Africa.

  • Gap cover from Curemed is a short-term insurance product – one premium covers the entire family
  • Also, some medical schemes want a co–payment for certain in-hospital procedures. Gap cover pays these and ensures that they fully cover you for all the procedures you have
  • Curemed gap cover takes care of your whole family
  • You can’t take gap cover from Curemed if the medical scheme you aren’t part of a registered medical scheme
  • Gap cover pays up to 500% of the scheme rate. Curemed pays the amount directly to the medical aid member
  • Also, group schemes are available


Imagine having to take all your hard-earned cash you were saving for retirement and having to use it on hospital expenses you thought your medical aid covers. Therefore, it’s no use lamenting about this inadequacy of the medical aids – it’s how it is.

Rather get medical gap cover, and by paying a small premium each one, your nest-egg will be left untouched.


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All info was correct at time of publishing