Medvest Gap Cover – Avoid Unexpected Medical Fees

December 14, 2021

How Medvest Gap Cover Helps You Avoid Medical Shortfall Payments

Even with Medvest Gap Cover, you should still ask your doctor for an estimate of their costs. You have to do all you can to save where medical care is concerned.

Gap cover in South Africa has become a critical supplement to anyone with medical aid. That is because your medical aid won’t pay for those bills where the specialist has charged you far more than what the standard medical aid tariff is.

Without medical gap cover, you can be faced with huge bills which your medical aid won’t be paying. Some of these bills can run into thousands upon thousands of Rands, and without gap cover, you’ll have to pay up. With gap cover, you can hand these payments over to them.

Choose a Reliable Gap Cover Provider

Medvest is one of these gap cover providers. They are part of a Financial Services group who have partnerships with some of the best medical aid and gap insurance companies.

Medvest is there because they don’t want you to be caught off guard by the huge medical expenses that your medical scheme won’t cover. Therefore, Medvest’s aim is to protect you from medical shortfalls by covering you for those amounts that aren’t covered by your medical scheme.

These amounts come from specialists who charge you way more than your medical aid rate. Medvest’s gap cover is for all registered medical schemes. We look briefly at each of Medvest’s four gap cover options.

medvest gapMedvest Gap Base 500

  • Maximum entry age is 70
  • Premium is from R118 for an individual, or for family each month
  • Base 500 also covers specialist shortfalls incurred as an in-hospital patient
  • The benefit is limited to times 500% the Medical Scheme Tariff
  • Base 500 also pays claims straight to the member



  • Additional Cover includes in-hospital radiology limited to R 12 000 each year and per insured, in-hospital consumable items limited to R 6 000 for each insured each year. Base 500 also covers for your expenses that can occur in an emergency room. That is limited to R2500 per policy per annum.
  • Base 500 also includes counseling sessions as additional cover



  • Gap benefit is unlimited
  • Premiums is from R145 for an individual or family each month
  • Covers the insured for specialist shortfalls incurred for a stint in hospital
  • Also, additional gap benefit of 500% above medical scheme rate of 100%



  • This gap cover is from R167 for an individual and R205 for a familyGap benefit is unlimited
  • Covers specialist shortfalls as in-hospital patient
  • Additional gap benefit of 500% above the medical scheme rate of 100% is provided
  • Co-payment cover
  • Cancer cover
  • Additional cover such as 12-month Stratum premium waiver benefit among others


Medvest Gap Cover – Elite

  • Gap benefit is unlimited
  • Elite also covers the insured for specialist shortfalls incurred as an in-hospital patient
  • Additional gap benefit of 500% above medical scheme rate of 100% is provided
  • Co-payment cover
  • Cancer cover
  • Also, additional cover


However, there is more to each of these gap cover options. There is a three-month general waiting period as well as a 12 months pre-existing condition waiting period.

The beauty of gap cover from Medvest Gap Cover is that you can see some plans suit your budget. Paying an amount of R118 a month is just a small amount, but it can get you out of a whole lot of trouble. When you get the bill you must settle which is in the region of R118 000, Medvest simply takes care of all these shortfall amounts.


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All info was correct at time of publishing