One Gap Cover Policy per Family from Zestlife

February 26, 2022

Medical specialist rates are commonly much higher than Medical Aid rates. This also results in an amount (often large) left for the medical aid member to fund out of their own pockets. Fortunately one gap cover policy per family from Zestlife covers the self-payment gap.

Medical aid members often do not understand that the Medical Aids may say they cover 100% of the costs involved but that, in fact, refers to, the 100% of the Medical Scheme Tariff (MST) rates which are much lower than doctors and specialist charges. Zestlife with their experience in the Medical Industry also has become experts in creating “Gap” insurance policies. So read more to find out more about Zestlife’s one gap cover policy per family.

Growth in Gap funds required – One Gap Cover Policy per Family

one gap cover policy per familyStatistics show that there is also an alarming growing gap, year on year, between what the medical aid pays and what the doctors/specialists charge.


We cover all medical schemes at Zestlife

Zestlife have created two gap cover plans: the Universal Plan and the Essential Plan. Here are the current prices:

2024 Zestlife Gap Cover Premiums

Zestlife Gap Cover 2024


More options

There are also options available covering extended Cancer and Dentistry. Contact Zestlife for further details. There are also some general exclusions to persons i.e. suicide/speed racing/nuclear explosions etc. Please contact Zestlife for an up to date list.

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