Discovery Offers Gap Cover for Medical Aid Too

December 18, 2021

Having a good medical aid such as from Discovery Health to cover your medical costs just isn’t enough anymore. You need additional cover – gap cover.

This is cover that takes care of the amount that your medical aid is prepared to pay and what the medical professionals actually charge. Gap cover from Discovery is a must-have so as to cover the shortfalls that exist with your medical aid.

Gap Cover from Discovery is a cost-effective solution. It provides additional financial protection against unforeseen costs that your medical scheme won’t pay.

What is much-needed Discovery gap cover?

The gap cover you get from Discovery isn’t a medical aid but is rather a short-term insurance product. Discovery Gap CoverThe gap cover has been underwritten by Discovery Insure.

They also have Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover. This particular product has been underwritten by Discovery Life and is a long-term insurance product. Gap cover from Discovery is seriously affordable – in some instances less than R100 a month.

For such a reasonable amount you get lots of benefits that can’t be ignored, so imagine what you’ll get with the costlier cover. Some of the benefits include –

  • a lump sum payout.
  • annual payback of premiums of up to 25%.
  • pays for your medical scheme, gap cover premiums and Vitality cover for up to 2 years in the event of disability or death.
  • monthly payouts for home support – you get a generous payout each month for a year which helps you with the cost of home nursing as well as other medical needs when you face a life-changing event or illness.


To benefit from this gap cover you need to be a member of a medical scheme that is actually administered by Discovery Health.

One thing you need to know – gap cover isn’t a substitute for having a medical scheme but rather an enhancement to it,  for which there are benefits.

  • While travelling beyond South African borders, you can get cover for deficits on in-hospital specialist claims that have been approved. You can also benefit from approved emergency international claims.
  • The cover you get will depend on the gap cover option from Discovery you choose and an overall annual limit will apply to each person.
  • Premiums aren’t set in stone though and are determined by your particular circumstances as well as in keeping with short-and long-term insurance pricing standards.
  • The gap cover that you get from Discovery in 2020 covers deficits on in-hospital specialist claims as well as co-payments on cancer-related claims.


Everybody knows about the dreaded word cancer. With Discovery gap cover you benefit with additional funding that assists with covering oncology co-payments. Their Supplementary Gap Cover helps fund those high-cost treatments and for certain cancers you will also benefit from more sophisticated genomic sequencing. It also takes care of specific out-of-hospital costs connected to hospital admission.

  • With gap cover from Discovery, the claim payment procedure is simple and gaps in the cover are assessed and then paid after the claim has been handled.
  • Get a gap cover quote by calling them on 0860 000 628 or filling in their quick and easy online quote form.


Gap cover premiums are certainly affordable for providing co-payment cover, tariff gap cover for up to 500% of medical aid rates and oncology benefits among others.

If you are considering gap cover from Discovery do research on the different options and settle for the all-rounder  one, the one that will give you peace of mind that you’ll never have to fork out a large sum of money that your medical aid won’t pay.

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All info was correct at time of publishing