Cancer and Gap Cover

December 12, 2021

Cancer and gap cover, cancer has become a significant threat to the health of a vast amount of people. It is an illness that can affect anyone, no matter your age digits.

Some cancer patients can survive the fight and live long lives. Others fight it, as well, but unfortunately do not get to live longer than a short period.

Both of these scenarios do not lead down a smooth path. It is a journey that not only attacks the health and life of a person but also causes a great financial impact.

Whether you can win the cancer battle or not, there will be a financial struggle to conquer as well.

Medical Scheme

Cancer and Gap CoverHaving a medical scheme can be an asset in the occurrence of this unfortunate event showing up in your life. They do assist in the treating of cancer, through the facility made available for oncological related illnesses. There are limitations, however, in the financial provision that schemes can supply for the treatment of cancerous conditions.


What restrictions can a medical aid put out? –┬áCancer and Gap Cover

  • The refusal of treating cancers that are diagnosed to be terminal;
  • In only providing the funds for treatable cancerous conditions;
  • If the treatment exceeds a certain period and there is no improvement, the aid have the freedom to terminate any financial assistance;
  • Not paying any additional charges, which may proceed from using a more pricey medicinal service;
  • Requiring the patient to move from a private hospital to a more affordable one should the patient need long-term treatment.


As seen from the restrictions, a medical aid is in control of what services they will and will not assist in. There are limitations in the implementation of their oncological facilities. It creates a financial gap that needs cover.

A medical aid just does not create the necessary support anymore. The costs of medical treatment increase day by day, as the procedures improve. Medical advancements are significant, as it is bettering the possibilities of recovery significantly. It is an undertaking that is worth investing in, but it does not come at affordable rates.


Invest in Gap Cover – Cancer and Gap Cover

The option of investing in gap insurance is a vital decision that will significantly impact the treatment of cancer. Where the medical aid implements their restrictions, the gap cover can provide assistance. This insurance cover can even support you get cancer as a terminal condition.

If the opportunity of receiving advanced treatment comes along, gap cover will also be the primary source that will be able to back you financially.

You will need to submit the detailed documentation of your diagnosis, as well as the treatment plan. It’s also necessary to be approved by your medical aid. It is also to clarify what your medical aid will be capable of paying. So after receiving the scheme’s confirmed information, you will be able to know what will need to be covered by your gap insurance.

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