Why Get Gap Cover?

December 16, 2021

To get gap cover isn’t something that you do simply to enhance your medical aid. It’s a critical necessity. That is if you don’t want to face massive medical bills you can never hope to pay.

South Africans  find it grossly unfair that medical aids won’t pay their medical bills in full, so they’re forced to buy ‘extra’ cover to pay the shortfall. They feel it is like having two medical aids.

The function of the Council for Medical Schemes is to protect the interests of medical schemes and their members, but members believe that’s not happening. They feel they are paying more and more for less and less.

Get Gap Cover Insurance to Help You

There are different ways it helps you:

  • When you require further treatment that your medical aid does not pay.
  • To pay shortfalls. Don’t believe for one moment that your medical aid automatically covers everything when it says it covers you 100%. That is a misconception. When you have gap cover, it no longer matters whether your medical practitioner charges 400% of what the medical aid allocates, because gap cover will pay the shortfall.

Why Get Gap Cover

So that’s why you need to have this type of insurance. Without it, you alone would have to pay the shortfall. Running into sometimes thousands of Rands, you might have to sell your home to pay all your medical bills.

Don’t Make Assumptions

Yes, having a medical aid is imperative if you want to steer clear of state hospitals in South Africa. You just have to realise you can’t just assume your medical scheme will cover the full cost of your medical treatments.

Medical schemes pay specialists at set rates. Many of these specialists charge up to 300% more than the medical schemes’ rates, creating a chasm between the cost of the medical services they offer and the amount paid by the medical aid. It is you who has to pay the difference.

You need to be a member of a medical scheme to qualify for top-up insurance. If you are a medical aid member, please complete and send the form on this page to get a quote

So you dare not be without gap cover. You may also be required to make co-payments which are then payable from your savings account.

Some things are Indispensable

Gap cover offers the following benefits – additional gap cover of up to 500% more than the medical scheme’s rate and some gap cover options provide extra cover for co-payments and outpatient services. Get it today. It’s available from companies such as Essential Gap Cover, Zestlife, Jenius, Complimed and Stratum among others. It will certainly spare you having to pay up when you can ill afford to.

Medical Aid Schemes can’t and won’t cover the full cost of in-hospital specialist services, which means financial shortfalls for you to pay. Gap cover is easy to get. There are many companies offering gap cover, and you can get an online gap cover quote by filling in the form on their web pages. After that, a gap cover expert will contact you. Do the research, and when you get your gap cover quote, compare the various options to get the one that suits you.

To request your medical gap cover quote, please complete and send the form on this page

All info was correct at time of publishing