Best 10 Gap Cover Companies in South Africa

December 18, 2021

Nearly everyone in South Africa knows that good health care comes at a price. Medical aids pay well below what medical specialists charge. Then medical aid members have to pay for the shortfall. The best 10 gap cover companies in South Africa come to the rescue. They insure those co-payments.


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You cannot get by without gap cover. Fortunately, South Africa has some excellent gap cover providers, and we take a look at the best 10 gap cover companies in South Africa.



Zestlife is a registered financial service provider. They are a leading provider of gap cover in South Africa. Their gap cover provides up to 500% of the Medical Aid Tariff. Included is –

  • co-payment cover
  • quick online application
  • no maximum entry age – no maximum expiry age.
  • cover provided for ±50 out-patient procedures



They are a leading financial services group. They offer, among others –

  • Liberty Universal Gap Cover –  the most comprehensive medical expense shortfall cover.
  • additional financial protection for all manner of health risks.
  • extended cancer cover.
  • extended dentistry cover and much more.



In 2018, Sanlam was ranked as a leading gap cover provider for under 60-year-olds. With gap cover from Sanlam you aren’t left with large medical excess amounts to settle.

  • Sanlam provides gap cover to individuals and families.
  • offers 5x the medical aid tariff
  • co-payments and sub-limits cover
  • Out-of-hospital benefits as well as additional benefits such as death/disability cover and more.



They are a health and accident underwriting agency. They are a sought after health insurance product provider, protecting medical aid members from those horrendous additional chargers whilst in hospital.

They offer a variety of gap cover options to suit your needs:

  • Gap cover, Gap Plus-, Select-, Elite-, Supreme-, UPE Advanced-, and Ambledown Guardian.
  • co-payments and sub-limit cover – and much more



The awarding-winning short term insurer, Stratum has gap cover to prevent beneficiaries from having to pay for financial shortfalls. They have more than 10 years of gap cover experience. They offer different gap cover options. Their Stratum Compact 200 is an affordable option for all those commonly experienced medical expense shortfalls.

They offer co-payment cover and much more.


From Kaelo Xelus, Fusion provides an additional 500% of the medical aid rate, covering medical shortfalls . Enjoy Oncology gap cover benefits such as oncology shortfall benefit as well as a booster benefit not to mention co-payments and deductible benefits among others.

Old Mutual

Old Mutual are a premium financial services group providing customers with a large spectrum of financial solutions. This gap cover from Old Mutual pays up to 500% of the medical aid rate.

They cover family members on different medical aids under a single gap cover policy.

iWyze offers gap cover tariff shortfalls, in-hospital medical treatment co-payments and much more.


Medgap has partnered with Guardrisk Insurance Company to offer products that can ensure financial wellness for clients. Their gap cover comes with a host of benefits –

  • shortfall cover.
  • benefit for co-payments / deductibles.
  • oncology benefits.
  • lump sum benefit for accidental dental and permanent disability and much more.



They are part of Momentum Metropolitan Life Ltd. They aren’t a medical scheme. Their gap cover is a  complementary product to medical aid. Momentum Gap Cover – Trugap – is underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance. It takes away the worry about medical care shortfalls.

They cover the gap for in-hospital procedures and other healthcare-related expenses. Their supplementary cover helps with shortfalls in the event of hospitalisation.

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All info was correct at time of publishing