Momentum Gap Cover Helps You to Avoid Co-Payments

December 12, 2021

Here’s what Momentum gap cover does for you and your family.

You’d think that for the huge monthly premiums you pay to have medical aid, hospital doors would swing open for you. However, even with a  medical aid plan, when your time comes to go to hospital, admittance isn’t to be expected.

A co-payment is required first if you don’t want the hospital doors slammed shut in your face.

It’s of no comfort knowing that you can cut down on co-payments by using healthcare networks whenever you can. For such a high monthly premium to your medical aid, you shouldn’t be paying a co-payment at all!

These co-payments most times apply to specialist medical procedures, and they’re high. Not only do Momentum Gap Cover Helps You to Avoid Co-Paymentsmedical schemes increase their premiums by about 11% each year, but you’ve got to pay co-payments that they should be paying.

Momentum throws you a lifeline

It is important to have medical aid gap cover so that it can pay for the co-payment that will give you access to hospital. The question now emerges – ‘where does one get this ‘lifeline’ gap cover that will sort out your co-payments once and for all?

Well, Momentum is one such place. They were established in 1966 and they offer financial advice and services to their clients.

One of the products they offer is gap cover. It takes care of these dreaded co-payments for those shortfalls for in-hospital admittance and procedures.

Gap cover from Momentum isn’t a medical scheme and not a substitute for medical scheme membership either. It’s an affordable enhancement to medical aid,  starting at less than R200 a month and you can request a quote online.

This top-up insurance from Momentum will cover the difference between what medical experts charge you and what your medical aid will cover.

No need to for co-payments for oncology treatments

Medical schemes are also providing less cover than previously, made worse by increased co-payments, making gap cover ever more critical. When you’re suffering with cancer, co-payments can spell disaster for you. Momentum’s gap cover extends a helping hand with co-payments on oncology treatment. It covers the 20% co-payment for oncology treatment after the medical scheme limit has already been reached.

These co-payments from Momentum can offer such relief. After all, what would happen when you simply don’t have the money available to pay a co-payment? Do you just quietly pass away? It seems the medical aid wouldn’t mind as then they would have one less person using up the money they so badly want.

  • With Momentum’s Casualty Benefit, their gap cover takes care of the co-payment at a medical facility in the event of a life-threatening incident or injury. This is when immediate treatment is required but where hospitalisation and hospital admission isn’t required.


With a casualty event, you will be refunded when you pay out of your own pocket.

  • You can only apply for Momentum Gap Cover if you are a member of Momentum Health.
  • Momentum Gap Cover was developed by Trulogic Financial Services.
  • It is underwritten by Centrique and administered by Total Risk Administrators who have been in business since 1993.
  • Pays up to 400% of medical aid rates for in-hospital events.
  • No general waiting periods when you apply for this gap cover from There will however, be a 6 months waiting period for pre-existing conditions.


Gap cover brings a positive side

Co-payments are here to stay, but that doesn’t mean you have to succumb to them. When looking for a medical aid, look at what co-payments the scheme applies to in-hospital procedures.

Co-payments are common, removing the responsibility of medical aids to pay for your bill. Always check out co-payments and sub-limits, as in true fashion, there are caps on everything the scheme will pay for.

The positive aspect is that there is help from Momentum’s gap cover. It’s worth investigating the gap cover today so you’re not left severely out of pocket and severely out of medical care.

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