Totalrisksa Gap Cover

December 14, 2021

Totalrisksa gap cover is designed to protect members of medical aid schemes from unforeseen expenses during hospitalisation.

While most medical schemes cover hospital stays up to 100% of the medical aid rate, members are usually left with a substantial shortfall.

That’s because specialists, anaesthetists, surgeons and other service providers charge above medical aid tariffs.

A gap policy will provide cover for service provider costs that are in excess of the medical aid rate as is almost always the case, most specialists fees are exorbitant.

Only Medical aid members can apply for a gap cover quote
here. Just complete and submit the form on this page

With Totalrisksa there are no Risks – You get great Gap cover for the Whole Family

Totalrisksa Gap Cover

The last thing you want to worry about in a medical emergency is whether or not your hospital plan has you completely covered.

Totalrisksa cover will help you with the steps needed to prepare for every eventuality. And Totalrisksa gap cover is the first step to start with.

What is Gap Cover Insurance and Why Do I Need it?

Medical gap cover aims to protect you from the shortfalls that typically come with hospitalisation.

Totalrisksa gap cover makes sure that in the event of an injury or illness, they only thing you have to take care of is yourself. So you’re protected from additional unbudgeted costs.

Medical Scheme Shortfalls are A Painful Reality – Don’t Find out Too Late

It doesn’t matter if you belong to Momentum Health or have a Bonitas hospital plan. Your medical aid is never going to cover you completely for a stay in hospital.

From co-payments to fees for wards and theatres to the cost of consumables. It all adds up.

Medical professionals like surgeons, anaesthetists and doctors charge a lot more for treatment in hospital. A lot more than your medical aid can cover.

Totalrisksa gap cover will cover those shortfalls, so you’re not left out of pocket when you most need that cash.

Since gap cover is not a medical aid policy like Best med, it won’t pay your service providers or hospital directly. Instead, Totalrisksa gap cover will make the pay-out direct to your bank account. You can then settle your outstanding bills.


Most gap cover policies do have regular exclusions. There is usually a three month waiting period from the date of inception. It is also normal to have a 12 month waiting period for pregnancy or pre-existing conditions.

You Need to Be a Medical Aid Member

To qualify for Totalrisksa gap cover, you need to already have a medical aid policy – such as Bestmed or any of the Discovery health plans. Your entire family can enjoy Totalrisksa gap cover provided that they all belong to the same medical aid.

With today’s volatile economy and never knowing when you could fall ill or have an accident, can you afford to be without Totalrisksa gap cover insurance?

Would you want to spend your hard-earned cash on a medical emergency when you don’t have to?

Only Medical aid members can apply for a medical gap cover quote
here. Simply complete and send the form on this page

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