We all carry memories we’d rather forget. For some people, the peaceful, carefree days of the past shatter with the news of a dreaded illness. Old Mutual gap cover can minimise the pain.

It is strange the way you can be healthy one day and then a string of common illnesses strike, as well as a new chronic disease the next.

You can add stress to the list too. You just wonder how long your medical aid will continue to pay for all your doctor’s appointments and treatments.

What happens when your medical aid does actually run out? Do you sell up your home and car? What happens if that still isn’t enough? Do you just stop going to the doctor and start planning for your funeral instead?

Old Mutual Gap Cover bails you out

When you hear that there is a ‘medical aid rescue’ lifeline being offered to bail you out of your medical aid woes, it is worth a look-see. This bail-out comes from Old Mutual Gap Cover.

In fact, their very words are ‘Where medical aid stops, we start’.

For less than R250 bucks a month, they’re offering you a way to ensure more medical aid. It will pay the gap between what your medical aid covers and what all your hospital and specialists are charging you.


Old Mutual Gap Cover is for Medical Aid Members


What happens when that gap happens to be 5x more than what your medical rate is?

What Old Mutual / iWyze Offers

You can still quit worrying and see what Old Mutual offers –

  • It pays up to 5x or 500% of the medical aid rate.
  • You can get gap cover from Old Mutual without having to endure a medical test.
  • Gap cover covers all the procedures your medical aid covers
    You don’t have to do anything ridiculous like having to change- or upgrade your medical aid to get hold of this gap cover.
  • Gap cover from Old Mutual’s iWYZE provides exceptional in- and out of hospital benefits. It also offers oncology benefits co-payments as well as deductibles. There is also a Benefit Extender and all this is available to you if you belong to a reputable medical scheme.
  • It’s totally legit and is underwritten by Old Mutual Insure.
  • Covers kidney dialysis for acute and chronic renal failure.
  • Accidental harm where emergency medical treatment is required from the out-patient casualty or trauma ward.
  • If family members are on different medical aids, they can be covered by one gap cover policy.
  • You can cover up to 7 immediate family members.
  • To apply for Old Mutual’s gap cover, there’s no need to go in-store and worry about social distancing, you simply fill in the short details online from your home.


Costly medical procedures needn’t be out the question

This gap cover from Old Mutual Gap Cover isn’t a medical aid. It is additional or over-and-above insurance or top-up that assists your medical aid to extend beyond the norm.

It’s an enhancement to medical aid. It pays for all the shortfalls of your medical aid regarding hospitalisation for accidents and illness. Even procedures such as oncology, joint replacements and chemotherapy needn’t be out of the question for you.

When you simply CAN’T pay your way

It’s not very reassuring knowing that even with medical aid, you don’t have cover for your financial health. Used up medical aid spells one thing – disaster – as you have to now pay your own way.

With gap cover from Old Mutual however, you can at least have peace of mind. You will have all the health care you need because gap cover takes care of your medical costs.

While you’ll still pay a monthly premium, gap cover is far less than the amount you would pay in case of illness, and worth every cent.

Please use the form on this page to request a quick gap cover quote. Just fill in the fields, then click to submit the information. We will be in touch.


All info was correct at time of publishing