Stratum Oncology Plus Gap Cover

December 12, 2021

This is a stand-alone policy, that you can add on to your existing gap cover. Stratum offers an affordable solution to the extra cover needed for cancer treatment. This, in the unfortunate event that you or a member of your family contracts cancer. With stratum oncology plus gap cover we can help take care of you, if you fall into this difficult time.


So what is Gap Cover, and why the need for Oncology Plus as extra cover

Gap cover covers the gap between what your medical aid pays, and what the health professionals may charge  for your private health care. It will give you peace of mind to know that, if your medical bill costs more than your medical scheme is willing to pay. That your gap cover will kick in. This means that we cover you and your family for these extra amounts. Without gap cover, you and your family may feel the pressustratum oncology plus gap coverre of a financial crisis, brought on by being unable to pay the bills associated with an unexpected stint in hospital. This is especially traumatic when you are already trying to recover and convalesce after an illness.

  • Stratum Oncology Plus Gap Cover will give you extra cover, when the specialist diagnoses you with cancer.
  • You will enjoy these extra benefits if you take it out in conjunction with your existing gap cover.
  • This is especially a good idea if you have a history of cancer in the family.
  • This extra cover makes provision for cancer treatment, co-payments, and special biological drugs. This will be necessary when you have reached the annual limit of the benefits set out by your medical aid, with the option you have chosen.

Premiums – Stratum Oncology Plus Gap Cover

The premium for an individual or a family is R 95 per month, and R 60 per month for a adult dependent.

  • The cancer treatment must take place in an official oncology facility.
  • They will take care of you as an out-pasient.
  • The oncology facility must be part of your medical scheme’s network.
  • A 3 month waiting period is applicable after the inception of the policy. You may not submit a claim during this time.
  • Any pre-diagnosed cancer will be excluded from this policy, even though you may have been in remission for more than 5 years.
  • You must be younger than 70 years of age at your last birthday, to apply.
  • A dependent younger than 27 years of age will be considered a child dependent if they are still registered on your medical aid.
  • From the age of 28 your child will be a adult on your medical plan.
  • At the first diagnosis of cancer, you will receive a once-off payment of R5,000 per insured life.
  • Cancer treatment benefits are limited to R100,000 per policy per annum.
  • Co-payments and the biological drugs necessary for the treatment of the cancer  have a limited benefit of R100,000 per policy per annum.


Cancer treatment is very expensive. The diagnosis of cancer is very traumatic too. These two factors can put huge stress and pressure on any family. You have done the right thing by taking out gap cover for your family. Now take the responsibility of including the extra cover offered for this dread disease. Stratum Oncology Plus Gap Cover -the answer to your needs, and one of the positive factors in providing peace of mind for quality care.

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All info was correct at time of publishing