Stratum Senior 500 Medical Gap Cover

March 3, 2022

Short-term insurers have their hands full, to try and respond to happy seniors. Who now realise, that they qualify for medical gap cover. Although no medical scheme member enjoys to pay the shortfall when the specialist cost more than what your medical scheme is willing to pay. In trying to meet soaring health care costs, many seniors without gap cover have had to resort to selling all they have to pay for medical treatments their medical aid plan won’t pay. Continue reading to learn the benefits that come with the stratum senior 500 gap cover plan.

Stratum Senior Benefits

stratum seniorIt can be such a relief for the elderly to discover that there are gap cover providers in South Africa who cater for those over the age of 50, 60, 70 and 80 years of age. This gap- or top-up cover supplements a medical aid plan. Those medical bills not covered by medical schemes mean financial ruin for an old person when they have to spend an extended period in a hospital.

Requirements and Benefits of this plan:


  • This benefit provides an additional cover of 500% above the medical scheme rate. Co-payment benefit provides cover for co-payment as well as deductibles which medical aids impose on members. This benefit has a limit of R 15 000 a year.
  • You will also receive an Oncology benefit. This benefit is for oncology co-payments and has a limit of R 1000 a year.
  • This plan also includes a Sub-Limit benefit. This benefit is limited to R 5000 per person to a maximum of R 15 000 for each person with an injury.
  • This plan also includes a casualty benefit up to R 3 000.
  • A trauma counselling benefit which would pay for counselling sessions with licensed counsellors or psychologists. This benefit also has a limit, which is R 2 000 a year.


  • You have to be older than 70 years of age to qualify for this plan.
  • Pay a small monthly premium of only R188.
  • Just like other cover plans from Stratum, there are waiting periods. The waiting period is usually within three months.
  • There are also General Exclusions for Stratum Gap Cover Insurance to be aware of. For instance, Stratum won’t be liable for hospitalisation caused by irresponsible behaviour and injuries such as what people get up to when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


If you are interested in the Stratum Senior 500 plan, all that’s required is for you to select the particular Gap Cover option that applies to your age group.  Simply complete and submit the electronic Gap Cover application at this web page. You’ll be sent the necessary documents. An experienced and helpful financial advisor will take it from there once you have signed the documents with a copy of your ID and proof of membership of your medical scheme.

DON’T Dip into your Retirement Savings

Seniors don’t want to part with their precious retirement savings on medical costs their medical aid won’t pay. Consider gap cover from Stratum and rather pay a small fee of R188 each month as opposed to paying thousands of Rands out of your retirement savings for medical treatment you unexpectedly require.

Fill in and submit the form on this page to receive your gap cover quote


All info was correct at time of publishing