Insure Medical Aid Bills This Way

March 3, 2022

How would you insure medical aid bills, you may be asking.

Fair question. Here’s the answer.

South Africans who have medical aid are forced to reckon with unwanted co-payment accounts. These are the shortfall amounts on medical expenses that medical schemes will not pay.

Indeed, many South African dream of doing away with co-payments altogther.

Good news. There is a way to cut co-payments.

Few are aware they can insurance medical aid bills

By taking out inexpensive gap cover, medical scheme members in South Africa can make sure they never have to dig into their savings (or take out fresh mortgages on their homes) to pay medical shortfalls.

Here are some gap cover facts:

  1. Expect to pay the equivalent of 10% of your monthly medical aid premium for gap cover monthly. Let’s say your monthly medical aid fee is R4000. Consequently, your gap cover premium will be about R400 per month.
  2. Everyone on your medical plan will get cover from a single policy – spouse and all your children and anyone else on the scheme. Group medical aid members qualify for gap insurance too.
  3. It makes no difference what medical aid you are on. It can be Selfmed, Bonitas, GEMS, Discovery, or one of the many others.  Check here to make sure that you are on a registered medical aid.
  4. There are several short-term insurance companies that will insure medical aid bills. Our favourite is Zestlife. Complete and submit the form on this page to get your complimentary Zestlife quote.
  5. Gap insurance (also called shortfall insurance or top up cover) is not the same as medical aid. It is an adjunct, or add-on, to medical scheme membership. For this reason, only medical aid members qualify for gap cover.

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Zestlife Gap Cover 2024



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All info was correct at time of publishing