Old Mutual Medical Gap Cover

December 12, 2021

You need medical gap cover, full stop! People who have had to fork out for huge medical bills because their medical aid didn’t cover all the costs will have discovered the critical necessity of gap cover.  Old Mutual medical gap cover is just a mere R130 a month for you and your family.

 Old Mutual medical gap cover – Trust in an Established Name

A trusted name when in comes to investments and personal insurance in South Africa and abroad. Old Mutual started out in Cape Town way back in 1845.  Millions of South Africans still choose Old Mutual products and services.Old Mutual Medical Gap Cover pays the difference between what the specialist charges and what the medical scheme pays for surgical treatments and in-hospital medical treatments. Cover is provided for up to R100 000 for each insured event to a maximum of R500 000 for each family

  • Old Mutual’s gap cover is the principal member, a spouse as well as children registered as child dependents on the medical scheme. This does not include adults dependents.
  • People who are below 60 years of age can apply for this gap cover. When the policyholder reaches 75 years of age, the policy ends.
  • there are waiting periods with Old Mutual – a three-month general waiting period applies. This, however, doesn’t apply to the person who requires hospitalisation because of an accident.
  • There is also a 12 month condition-specific waiting period for maternity benefits.
  • The design of Old Mutual Medical Gap Cover is to fill the gap. This is up to a maximum total amount of 4x the applicable medical scheme rate.


old mutual medical gap coverThe medical scheme tariff rate will be roughly in the region of R11 480. This means that without gap cover, you may well be looking at settling a medical bill of R34 440. They can be consulted any time you have queries. Their gap cover is underwritten by Old Mutual Health Insurance Limited, a licensed short-term insurer. Why not make arrangements to speak to one of Ol Mutual’s financial advisors for guidance on gap cover? They can be reached on 0860 101 23.

Old Mutual Medical Gap cover is critical

Gap cover isn’t just a nice addition to help you along with medical costs. It has become an indispensable addition to any medical scheme, covering all those terrible shortfalls with regards to in-hospital admissions. This can include among others, medical professional fees, admission fees, co-payments, emergency room cover. You can add Old Mutual’s medical gap cover to any medical scheme.

Gap Cover from Old Mutual so Affordable

If you are a medical aid member, you need to buy gap cover, and the best part is that with  research, you quickly discover that gap cover is mercifully so affordable

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All info was correct at time of publishing