Ambledown Medical Shortfall cover for Medical Aid Members

December 12, 2021

People are disappointed with their ‘slow-to-pay’ medical aids. They’re starting to take charge of how their healthcare works out. Taking out Ambledown shortfall insurance is one step in the process.

They’re tired of forking out on medical bills that their medical aid should be paying. There’s not much they can do to change the way medical aids operate. They can however, get help and support from gap cover. They are reading Ambledown reviews and signing up.

There’s no shortage of gap cover providers in South Africa. It’s a case of researching them. You’ll find the one that appeals to your health needs and your budget.

Ambledown gap cover brochure

When you start looking at these different providers of gap cover, there are one or two things that are of particular importance to check out.

  • Are there cancer benefits?
  • What is the maximum entry age?
  • What is excluded?
  • Is the provider reputable and financially stable?


Type in the words ‘South African medical gap cover providers’ into Google’s search bar. Among the names that come up will be Ambledown. As a financial services provider, they offer their customers many gap cover options.

You have to belong to a registered medical aid to benefit from gap cover from Ambledown. As a leading health insurance product provider, they offer products that their customers need. You’ll find premiums vary. Some are even less than R200 a month.

Ambledown Gap Cover Reviews


The names of these gap cover plans from Ambledown are –

  • Ambledown Guardian
  • Gap Cover
  • LPE Advanced
  • Gap Plus
  • Gap Elite
  • Gap Select
  • Gap Supreme


These plans are an insurance product that provides cover for you and your immediate family.


  • Benefits are paid at 500% of the scheme rate. All depends on the product though.


  • Ambledown gap cover is also for child dependents up to the age of 21. If the child is a full-time student, cover can be for up to the age of 25.


  • The minimum entry age for the main member is 65. However, applicants 66 and older can choose products designed for seniors.


  • Ambledown has an app – the G-app – that will allow you to manage all your gap cover policy details from the palm of your hand.


  • Ambledown claims are paid out swiftly.


There will be some exclusions. One of these is any procedure not covered by your medical aid. Other exclusions are some pre-existing conditions as well as depression, mental stress and insanity.

Their Gap Cover 100 ensures that each plan has a cancer benefit. The cover provides for charges related to cancer treatment in a private institution. Cancer treatment in a private facility includes in-hospital expenses, medication, outpatient chemotherapy and chemicals. Treatment excludes the cost of the specialist’s consultations.

Apart from other gap cover benefits from Ambledown, there is also a dread disease benefit, limited to the diagnosis of cancer.

There’s so much value in Ambledown plans

What’s not to like about Ambledown’s gap cover? It offers such variety. They’ve also partnered with ER24 and Mediclinic so that their members have access to the pandemic online portal.

Add to that the fact that members also have access to the 24-hour advice support line. Gap cover from Ambledown doesn’t just take care of your medical aid shortfalls, it offers so much more.


Clearly you need gap cover if you belong to a South African medical aid. Get gap cover for the whole family at a cheap rate. Complete and submit the form on this page to get a quote and sign up.


All info was correct at time of publishing