Leading Gap Cover Provider in South Africa

December 12, 2021

You have come to the right place to find out about Zestlife, the leading gap cover provider in South Africa.

The Medical Aids of South Africa have what is known as the MST or Medical Schemes Tariff. The amount that they will pay for in-hospital medical professional’s treatment charges is limited to this tariff.

Medical professionals charge what they like.  And any amount that goes beyond this MST must be paid by you, the medical aid member. That is, unless you have gap cover. Fortunately, gap cover takes care of the shortfalls for you.

The Solution – Leading Gap Cover Provider in South Africa

The solution is for medical aid members to protect themselves against these unpaid for shortfalls through Zestlife’s exceptional gap cover options.

When you request gap cover from any one of South Africa’s many gap cover providers, Zestlife is always among the top offerings.  They offer their clients 2 options. They are Universal – and Essential Gap Cover. Universal is the one that offers a higher level of cover across all treatments.

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No maximum entry age with the leading gap cover provider in SA, Zestlife

Unlike with other gap cover providers, there is no maximum entry age to this gap cover from Zestlife. Both of their options are available to main members and dependants. Everyone must belong to a registered medical aid.

The fact that cover continues without any  maximum age ‘sell-by-date’ looming in the future is a huge drawcard for members looking at Zestlife.

About Zestlife’s gap cover

  • Zestlife is a registered financial service provider.
  • High levels of cancer cover and a payout when diagnosed with cancer. Apart from this cover, members also have the option to boost their cancer cover. This is a brilliant offer from Zestlife as this extended cover option handles the funding shortfall risk that all medical aid members face.
  • No in-hospital dental claim exclusion.
  • At the start of the cover, there’s no blanket waiting period.
  • When receiving treatment in a non-network hospital, you can expect high levels of cover.
  • A good number of outpatient procedures are covered.
  • High levels of artificial joint cover and internal prosthesis.
  • Cover while traveling beyond SA borders.
  • Emergency room cover for accidental injury.
  • Low exclusions.
  • Speedy claim settlement.
  • Zestlife cover is underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance Co.
  • In-hospital treatments with an affordable co-payment.
  • Up to 500% of medical aid tariffs.
  • Co-payment cover.
  • Apply easily online.
  • With the Universal gap cover policy cover, their out-of-hospital cover is provided for about 50 outpatient procedures.
  • Zestlife also offers a range of extra add-ons that you can select. The best thing is to look over what they offer on their website. Bee in touch with one of their clued-up staff who can guide you with your choices.


Why invest in Gap Cover from Zestlife?

Good quality health care is so expensive and essentially only comes from private hospitals. Medical aid schemes in South Africa pay out well below the going rate that specialists charge.

If your medical aid has a medical benefit of 100% of the NHRPL, you’ll need the best gap cover you can find to tackle these shortfalls. When you do research, you’ll find that Zestlife if one of the best gap cover providers there is.

They offer the most comprehensive and affordable medical gap cover there is.  It doesn’t make sense to not contact them as soon as possible to request a quote online.


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All info was correct at time of publishing