Best Medical Gap Cover Providers in South Africa

December 19, 2021

A short term Insurance offered to members of Medical Aid Societies, also covering the shortfall between the amounts paid by their Medical Aid Societies and the prices charged by Medical Practitioners. In this article, we will provide you with some of the benefits from the best gap cover providers in South Africa.

Choosing a GAP Cover Company – Best gap cover providers

best medical gap cover providers GAP Cover Insurance is relatively new in South Africa, and for this reason, there is not that much data available to help make a choice, so some care in selection is necessary. Here is a compiled list of some of the best medical gap cover providers in South Africa.

Zestlife – Best Medical Gap Cover Providers South Africa

  • Well-established, reputable leader in gap cover
  • Also offering up to 500% of full Medical Aid rate
  • Also, an extended cancer benefit or dentistry cover is available.

Zestlife’s 2024 rates for their two plans are as follows:

Zestlife Gap Cover 2024




  • Offering cover of up to 500% above full Medical Aid rate.
  • Specialist gap cover during Hospital stay.
  • Co-payments benefit paid


  • Four main packages.
  • A range of products makes it easy finding one to best suit your needs.
  • Dental risk option available
  • Associated benefits for Discovery Members.


  • Offering two packages – Standard and Comprehensive.
  • A comprehensive range of cover for both in and out of hospital procedures.
  • Affordable structured.


  • Turnberry, partnered with Lombard Insurance Company.
  • Significant package upgrades offered from 2017.
  • Six main packages are covering a broad range of needs.
  • Comprehensive Cancer drug cover
  • Cashback benefit.

Essential Gap Cover

  • Essential, a Generic Insurance Company product
  • There are also four primary schemes on offer with a Dental option.
  • Affordable, from R140.00 per month for family cover.


  • A product that is also of Ambledown Financial Services.
  • Eight schemes including two for seniors, wide range of options.
  • Substantial R2 000 000.00 Claim limit offered on all schemes, for families.


  • FusionTM scheme, offered by KaeloXelus.
  • Impressive corporate portfolio of Customers, at a glance, would seem to be their niche.
  • Mental health cover incorporated, while excluded by many others.


  • The scheme offered by Sirago Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd as Underwriting Agency for Generic Insurance Company Limited.
  • There is also four individually tailored products, covering a broad sector of the market.
  • Basic Gap cover offered from as little as R105.00 per month for families in 2016. This product aimed at the younger generation with a maximum entry age of 40, but a limited cover of 300% of Full Medical Aid rates.

Jenus Health.

  • Also, Jenus Health is a specialist Medical Brokerage company, contracted with most major Medical Aid Societies and Insurers.
  • As Brokers, they also offer a broad range of options from the Societies and Insurers that they are contracted to.


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